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I just put together my first system, and I'm trying to see if I am getting the memory right. Its corsair xms 6400c4, I can't seem to find the timings on this, and was wondering if someone can tell me how I can see what the mobo has set the timings to, and also if I do want to adjust it, should I set it to 4-4-4-12 like it saids in the specs in Newegg? I have already configured it to 800 and 2.1v on the mobo, thanks for any help
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  1. I have this memory too.

    It defaults to 5-5-5-18. Someone told me to manually change the trimmings to 4-4-4-12 trc 22 and 2.1v. But i couldn't find 'trc'. I changed the trimmings to 4-4-4-12 and the volts to 2.1 and everything ran fine. I found a trhc or thrc (can't remember) it was set at 45, so i changed it to 25 (no 22 option) and then it wouldn't post. So i cleared the coms.

    I'm not sure what to do now. I'll be watching this thread.
  2. I just heard to:
    'Leave it at 45. It is set by the SPD of the ram modules and motherboard based on timings and speed that you set.'
  3. See this thread on how to set up RAM timings on the P5B-Deluxe manually:

    ASUSP5B&KINGSTON KHX6400D2/1G HYPERX PC6400 as PC5300!

    Also, download and install CPU-Z. It can read the SPD on your RAM sticks so you know what to set the timings to.
  4. Hi, Thanks a lot, I used the CPU-Z, and now I have the FSB:DRAM ratio at 2:3, I remember reading something that the ratio should be 1:1, or is that only when you overclock? I honestly dun even know what the ratio means or what it should be set to, can someone please guide me somewhat, thanks.
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