Dell GX270 motherboard replacement

Hi all this is my first time so be gentle.

The motherboard in my GX270 crapped out again so instead of replacing it with another GX270 motherboard I would like to get some recommendations on a non dell motherboard that will hopefully last more than 6 months. My main criteria is that I can reuse the processor ram and video card that are currently in my dead DELL.

I would like to replace the case also since DELL seems to use a unique system for mounting their motherboards so any recommendations along those lines would be appreciated also.

Here are the specs on my current Dell:
1 G0101 PROCESSOR, 80532, 3.0G, 512, 800FSB, SOCKET N
2 X3880 DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE, 512, 333M, 64X64, 8K, 184
1 H3873 HARD DRIVE, 80GB, I, 7.2K, WD-XL80S, 80G/PA

Nvidia GeForce 7600 AGP graphics card.

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  1. To be quite honest your best option is to probably call Dell and have them replace the motherboard. The GX270's most likely have a propietary fit to the motherboards?
  2. Another option is to get a new case and PSU along with a new mobo and reuse all the old parts from your dell like the CD/DVD, RAM, CPU etc...

    Possibly go to or and look for a barebones system.

    Just make sure it supports IDE hard drives, P4 CPU, AGP graphics, and your memory chips which are DDR I think.

    PS the dell probably had on board sound so you will need to get a new mobo with on board sound or possibly a new sound card if it doesn't. That is more up to you on which you choose.
  3. Knowing that this post is a few years old, I wanted to add some information for users that come across this post (as it comes in very high in a Google search for "Dell GX270 Motherboard") that the GX270 motherboards were plagued with capacitor issues. There are many websites that offer repair or refurb services for anywhere from $49 - $99 USD.
    My co-worker and I have been using to order kits of replacement capacitors for $18 USD and resoldering the boards ourselves to save the company we work for money. I'd like to mention that the website mentioned is probably not the only one out there that offers these capacitor packages and I am in no way intending this post as an advertisement for their services, but am offering a way to save money for the do-it-yourselfers from my own experiences with this company.
  4. That's cool that you are technically ambitious enough to repair capaciters on a motherboard... With a system as old as a gx270, my recommendation in this point in time would be replacement. You can get a gx270 for $50 off craigslist... time + money to repair almost seems pointless when 5-6 generation old dell systems are literally a dime a dozen.

    W\ the i7's out, and soon the i5's, the core2 dell systems are down also... Optiplex systems w\ low-mid range core2duo's are selling for around $100 on ebay.
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