evga 680i mobo or asus striker extreme or other

help me decide for my new build

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  1. What are you planning to do? SLI? Overclock? Gaming? makes a big difference. the Striker is still spendy, but I'm guessing prices will come down now that other manu. are coming out with 680i boards.

    Not to throw another one into your list, but ABIT has their 680i board out now as well.
  2. Main use is gaming, and i plan to OC once the system starts getting out of date. maybe do SLI but i usually stick to 1 good card

    I just want to make sure the striker extreme is worth the $$ because i can afford it, but i dont want to buy it if its not as good as a board thats 100-200 dollars less
  3. The main advantage of any 680i chipset board is that you can do SLI. If you don't have intentions of doing that there are better boards out there for you. the P5N32-E SLI from ASUS is the same architecture as teh Striker except it doesn't have the bells and whistles. It also sells between $50-100 less than the Striker.
    If SLI doesn't interest you I'd suggest looking at either an Intel chipset board or the 650i Nvidia chipset board. You could then put more money into other items.
  4. If you're aiming for the 680i chipset then I would go with the Asus Striker. The Striker is a better performer compared to the Evga. :D
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