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I’m building a HTPC and would like to connect it to my network. Here is what I would like to do…
Use powerline networking (Netgear HDX101) to get an Ethernet port to my HTPC location from my Netgear WPN824 wifi router. I would like to connect to said port using another wireless router (repeater?) to hard wire my HTPC into my network and extend the range of my wireless network.

I read the Wireless FAQ about using two wireless routers and turning off DHCP on one them. Does this affect the wifi capabilities of that router? Is only one of the routers in such a network able to distribute a wifi signal? I want both routers to be able to connect to my network and share an internet connection.

I’d like a solution to be cost effective (hopefully using my old SMC wireless router), but I will purchase other items if need be. Also, I have not yet purchased the HDX101 kit if anyone has comments on that product.

Thanks in advance…
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  1. from what im understanding you want to be able to connect 2 wireless routers and one htpc to your internet connection

    take one router we are going to call this the master router
    set this up so that it is a dhcp server and put in a static address for the second routers mac
    on the second router turn off dhcp and set it the static address
    now connect the lan port from one router to the lan port on another router
    now on the master router take and connect the modem to the wan port
    if i were you go buy a roll of cable cat5e or mabey cat6 a crimp tool a tester and 50 rj45s and learn how to term network cables. This is a lot faster then powerline connectors.

    also the cable and crimp and what not will run you about 130 dollars at tigerdirect.com
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