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Hello Folks,

I have been considering the Asus P5N-E SLI mobo up until I read about all of the memory incompatibility issues on Asus's forum. For under $150, I thought the fact that the board supported SLI and Quad core made the board a great bargain. Asus may still get their act together with new BIOS releases. Who knows.

Can anyone make recommendations for mobos that support SLI and Quad core CPUs? I already bought an SLI graphic card. I want to keep the price to less than $250.

Thanks, Bill
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  1. These are the best fit for what you would like to do. they are the same board the only difference as far as i can tell is that the more expensive of the two comes with a life time warranty. With the 680i chip-set you will have better OCing ability

    Of the P865 variety
  2. Thanks... I have seen those. Do you have an opinion on any of them?
  3. I think that the 680i board with give you the greatest room for expandability. the are well known for their OCing ability and the revision 2 boards are very stable. so i would go with one of the 680i. Also if you going to be using SLI the Nvidia chip-sets will give better performance.

    What video card did you get?
  4. Quote:

    I've just received my QuadGT & very nice board though it is SLI isn't officially supported (need hacked drivers & those don't support 8800s) although it will of course run a single nVidia card no problem.
  5. thats why i say go with the 680i chip-set. and i agree that is a nice board.
  6. Quote:
    These are the best fit for what you would like to do. they are the same board the only difference as far as i can tell is that the more expensive of the two comes with a life time warranty. With the 680i chip-set you will have better OCing ability

    Of the P865 variety

    I've heard that EVGA boards are terrible with the qx6700, providing very poor OC. In addition to also having an SLI configuration I read the boards were incapable of booting to OS.

    Have EVGA sorted the problems?
  7. Im sorry i haven't heard of any of those issues and i would never recomend a mother board that i know to be crap or that i haven't used my self. as far as my experience has gone i haven't had any issues. If your using Vista thats a different story.
  8. Its all over the EVGA forums and EVGA do not seem to be doing much about it.

    I only found this because I am currently looking to build a new system with a QX6700 and considering the results of this board with E6600 etc I thought I should research more.

    I have all my parts sorted except for the motherboard, which always causes the delay. From much research I would recommend the Intel Bad Axe 2. It suppose to work flawlessly with the QX6700 providing very good OC, 3.6GHZ, this without a water-cooling system.

    Will probably be ordering mine tomorrow unless someone has a better recommendation.
  9. post the link to the forums, i would like to take a look
  10. I heard that the problem is with 680i chipsets in general. I would love to hear that EVGA has sorted the problem as I would really like to get one.
  11. Well it at least sounds like they are trying to fix the problem.

    Just wondering why do you want to buy quad now when there is an expected price drop in Q2 of this year?

    Also unless you are a programmer/scientist of some sort, you will not see much of a performance gain from using it. At least not for some time and at that time something better will be out.
  12. That is my plan.

    For now though I just need some stuff that will get me by so I was going to skimp on the graphics card (X850XT off ebay) and a e6300 or dependent on the motherboard I get, a P4 D is a possibility. I just can't wait any longer and want to build :lol:

    So what I'm looking for is the best QX6700 motherboard available for moderate OC (considering how hot the QX6700 gets), stability, great future proof, reliability etc...... I doubt I will ever use SLI/Crossfire but I may be tempted when the DX10 cards price drop.

    I believe the Penryn will come and go with the release of K8L so I decided that the QX6700 would be suffice for 18 months. I just like my games to work and look good and do not strive for the best thing out, probally becuase I can't afford it as well :(
  13. If your just going to be gaming the e6600 and lower would be more than enough for that. And seriously NO game in the next 5 years, and probably longer, will take full advantage of quad core...hell windows Vista wont even do that. if you want an awesome overclocker the 805 Smithfield, in my opinion, is still the best OCer for the price.

    Also a new system of good quality should last way longer than 18 months. cmon 1 year? i built a P3 8+ years ago for 3000 and it still serves my needs, well aside from my gaming needs, which it did up until about a year and a half ago.
  14. Quote:
    What video card did you get?

    I bought the BFG 7950GT 512MB SLI graphics board. I have had good luck with their boards in the past. I just have the one for now.

    BTW, I am sure many of you have seen this but Anandtech has a pretty good summary of the 680i capable boards in their Motherboard Forum's which has been stickied.

    I have heard mixed reviews on the EVGA 680i as well via their forums. Also, if you check Newegg's review area you will see some negative press there too. On the other hand, there are a bunch of reviews on the Newegg review area so plenty of people have this board.
  15. Thats becuase it was so hyped up before it even came out. Im not saying they are bad boards, I've heard they work wonders with the x6800 and below. But for the quad series its a no.

    I've looked into performances of boards with the QX6700 and so far the most stable and best overclocker I have seen is the Intel Bad Axe 2.

    This is no suprise as they built it purposely for the Quad series.

    I agree with Pwnage, Quad core are quite a bit of an overkill and they still have quite a while to go before they become more sufficiently used, though they have seen to work great with the 8800 cards.

    Seeing how cheap they will be in Q2 due to the price cuts, anyone looking for an upgrade would be mad not to go Quad.

    Anyone here actually have a Quad system up and running? Especially with Vista?
  16. i have a system running vista not quad though

  17. Its a shame it so unstable for gamming considering it has DX10. People with 8800 series or the comming RD600 can't use the cards to thier full potential. People have said that it could take as long as a year to get Visata as stable as XP.

    They should of just added DX10 support for XP or something. Saves everyone a lot of trouble and money.
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