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So I bought some stuff to put together a new computer, and within days some things I bought without a rebate now have them. Do you think it would be possible to purchase another during the rebate period, print the invoice, cancel the order, and send in for the rebate? I know there are some 'ethical' issues here, but then what would you call the rebate game?
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  1. is it really worth all that trouble??? most of the rebates I've done are huge pain in the arses that end up taking over an hour to fill everything out just right. I can't see doing that for any less than say $60 a rebate...
  2. Well, you can't order something and then cancel it. What you can do, and I've done this many times, is buy something and return the unopened, new product with the old receipt. Then I have a valid receipt to turn in with the rebate. They do check the receipts and if you just buy and return something, they'll know and deny your rebate. The key is to get it done within the old receipt's return window.

    This doesn't always work with something where they keep track of serial numbers like processors and sometimes RAM. And I've never done it with something mail order because in that case, unless the rebate is substantial, it's not worth all the extra shipping costs.

    Nowadays, it takes me maybe 5 minutes to get a rebate form together if you have a multifunction or a scanner and a printer. If it takes longer, then you need to wait til you're sober.

    It's worth the hassle if you can float the cash for 2-3 months.
  3. It certainly is not worth going through an RMA process. I don't have any trouble filling out the form and sending in the UPCs for products that I buy with rebates. It is only a matter of 5 minutes of work. I was wondering if I bought, printed, cancelled if they would compare, or just send the $$ :wink: THAT would only take me 5 minutes as well.

    Oh well...
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