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Artifacting/Freeze-ups/Crashing with XFX 7600GT

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January 30, 2007 4:19:28 PM

I've recently built a new pc, to try to keep up with the gaming market and I'm having problems with my new video card. I have a ticket open with XFX, but I was hopeing you guys could give me any other things to try/test.

I can do day to day stuff ie. surfing the web, watching small videos etc. without any problems.

Problem: Running bf2142 I get artifacting and screen cut-out/pc shutdown after about an hour of playing. Running 3DMark06 the pc goes into like a sleep mode and reboot at the end of the deep freeze test. Running PassMark Performance Test I get artifacting, screen cut-outs and pc lockups 80% of the time after 3D test # 4. A couple of times I have made it to the results of that tester.

I have tried:
- Reloading the nvidia drivers. I have tried the orignal drivers that came with the card, 93.71 and 93.81 beta drivers.
- I have tried all these tests on just mobo, 1 HD and Video card with the same results to try to exclude the PSU. CoreCenteer only shows a .10 variation in the +12V rail during all these tests.

As far as I can tell the heat of the card never passes about 63C. The CPU temp never exceeds 47C.

My PC specs:
Core 2 Duo 2.4 e6600
2 GB DDR2-667 DC Patriot RAM
MSI 945P Neo3-F Mobo
Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU
XFX Nvidia 7600GT video card
SB X-Fi 5.1 sound card

I open to any suggestions at this point. Thanks.

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February 1, 2007 1:52:16 AM

After doing some tests with XFX support, they agreed to RMA the card. We will see what they find.

P.S. Im 99% positive its the card, as Im now borrowing a 7900 gs from a friend and using the same drivers, it passed all the performance/benchmark tests just fine.
February 1, 2007 2:53:41 PM

Glad to see your RMA is already being handled. Please PM me the ticket or RMA number and I can keep a watchful eye on it though the RMA process.

XFX Support