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Upgrading CPU?

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January 30, 2007 5:12:54 PM

I currently am using AMD 64 3200+ Orleans socket 939 overclocked running 2.2 GHz, is there a better card out there that I would notice a difference if I upgraded?

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January 30, 2007 8:09:15 PM

I currently am using AMD 64 3200+ Orleans socket 939 overclocked running 2.2 GHz, is there a better card out there that I would notice a difference if I upgraded?

A single core K8 CPU like the Orleans core (F revision of K8 ) can run unhurt for years @ about 2.5-2.6GHz on stock cooling, especially if your Vcore does not get past 1.45V and that will have a beneficial effect on your framerates; so:
2-Exchange your PC 4200 DDR2 swap with another 512MB PC5300 stick like the other you have; this will also improve your performance since actually, the RAM you have is probably working in dual channel mode, but with the frequency and timings of the slower stick.
3-Like logainofhades said, something like a X1600 or 1900 would still increase your performance.
January 30, 2007 9:23:55 PM

I was actually talking about the CPU chip, not card, sorry, I am at work and it got a little busy to say the least, lol. I have already decided on getting a new video card Radeon x1950xt. And it is socket 939, Orleans core, I put it all together myself. Thanks for the overclocking tips, now if I could just find out how to OC it more...anyway, I play WoW alot and Half-Life 2 and I also run Pandoras Box or Yahoo Music Launch Player in the background while I play.
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January 30, 2007 9:46:47 PM

There is an series of articles on overclocking going on currently:
It's not exactly applying to your hardware but the concepts are the same. Just take the time to read it and with your board you should get to HTT 250 (CPU at 2.50GHz) without much trouble.
If your CPU is an Orleans core running DDR2 PC 4200 and 5300, then it's not socket 939 but AM2. In this case, since you also listen to music while playing,(you're multitasking) I would advice you this bargain on a dualcore X2 3800+ on ewiz for just $95:
but get it as quickly as you can, because with that price, it will quickly get ripped off and the next cheapest X2 3800+ is about $120!!!
January 30, 2007 11:25:25 PM

It can not be 939 if you are using ddr2. It has to be AM2. Also the Orleans is an AM2 core not a 939 core. That is a pretty good card and will definitely show improvement in gaming. I would also recommend getting some better ram as well. DDR2 800 is what you really should be running and 2gb of it would help a good deal, especially with WoW which really seems to shine with 2gb of ram and a decent midrange card. I know my system has no trouble with WoW at all. Download CPU-Z and run it. Then do a validation and give link. Then we can determine for sure what it is you are running. Here is my validation from my system as an example.

CPU-Z is what tells me what core my cpu is. Thats why I am for sure. I'll get a screen cap when I can.
January 31, 2007 1:02:57 AM

CPU-Z can be wrong at times. It once told me that my friend's Willamette P4 was running on a VCore of 0.020V, which is obviously impossible.
This link would be for your processor if it is the Orleans core. Note how it says it uses AM2.

Cpu-Z and other programs quite often do not read 8O spec correctly.

A current BIOS is the best for basic reports.

There is another free download program you can try - AIDA32. Current version reads quite well.
January 31, 2007 2:54:32 AM, yeah, I pulled out the box the processor came in and it sure as hell is AM@, sorry for that guys, I really am!! This whole time I thought I had 939!! I'm very happy I was wrong though, seeing as how AMD is no longer supporting it. Anyway, so yeah dual core looks like the way to go. For now though how would I OC my CPU over 2.22 MHz? My mobo came with a program called Core Center and it only lets me clock 11%.
January 31, 2007 5:34:23 AM

So new memory, huh? Okay where can I find good memory at a great price? I looked at newegg, should I get 2 1 gig sticks or 4 512 sticks? the 512 sticks would be cheper, but whatever you say, I don't see a need for more than 2 gigs or am I missing something?