Options on a new build for this coming year?

Bare in mind that this is most likely will be a long post, so try and keep up as I will try and be as clear with my statement as possible.

I've noticed that my fairly new system is going a little outdated, and by this coming summer their wont be much of anything left to upgrade being that it'll be in its grandpa stages. Anyways, I've conducted the idea of selling my current setup sometime in March/April to make funding and way for a new DX10 setup. Reason I have posted is: How/When should I sell my stuff?

My current setup:

NZXT Nemesis Case
Aspire 680w PFC enabled
Asus A8n-SLi
X2 4800~3.0Ghz on CM Aquagate R80 Heatsink/Fan cooler
2x1GB Corsair Valueselect
2xMSI 7900GTX's
X-fi Xtrememusic
Maxtor Caviar 300GB SATA
Sony DVD-rom
Windows MCE SP2

Cost of this setup: $2,765USD back in July 06.

I was also recently able to acquire a PC on ebay for a fairly good price: 544.90 after shipping:

DangerDen Custom Acrylic case:


It also came with I believe DangerDen watercooling setup. I can't really tell the exact parts or companies, but I can tell you that it does have a DangerDen Waterblock and VGA waterblock. I also can not tell what size pipes and fittings it has either. I would like to see if i can find out how if possible.

evGa Socket 939 Motherboard
AMD 3200~2.8ghz on watercooling
1GB Kingston valueram
WD 250GB Harddrive
Thermaltake TR2 430w
evGa 6800Ultra on VGA waterblock
Also 2 Antec 120mm fans housed on the bottom of case for radiator and 80mm fan on top to cool the Northbridge heatsink.
Windows XP Home Edition SP2

What I planned on recycling from both setups was:

Maxtor 300GB Harddrive with Windows on it, boot vista upgrade on it.
X-Fi Xtrememusic
Aspire 680w(maybe)
DangerDen case and watercooling setup(Waterblocks for CPU and VGA would be sold)

I would replace the harddrive taken out of my primary setup with a brand new one with windows on it so it can be sold as a complete setup and a new Powersupply if needed.

Now my goal setup was going to be based around this hopefully. Not listing prices because Im not sure where they would stand in 2-3 months:

Some sort of 680i supported motherboard or better:
Super Talent 2x1GB PC6400 DDR2
1x8800GTX or a better flagship series that is released before then
Intel C2D processor(not sure exactly on which one I would be looking at)
VGA and CPU waterblocks for recycled watercooling setup
Possibly a 150GB raptor harddrive if their is room in the budget.

Now Im also concerned with the fact that If i decide to get a 8800GTX, big and long as it is, is will it fit in the DangerDen case as I would love to reuse it? From the PCI bracket to the end of the case, their is 11' exactly which I hope is enough room for the 8800 knowing that it is so long. I dont have any intention of SLi whatsoever knowing that it is a waste and I have already had experience it. I currently have a 20' Samsung 204B 5ms response time, and I plan to drive the new single card at the monitors max resolution of 1600x1200.

I will upload photos of both systems ASAP, I would just want to see your opinions on this whole idea I have and maybe how much I would get all toether from both systems?

Sorry its such a long post, but I had a lot to say. Thanks guys :D
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  1. case:
    Compact Size: 15.9” x 13.42” x 11.65” (404mm x 341 x 296mm) W x D x H

    13.42" long/deep is more than plenty for the 8800gtx, which is a little less than 11" according to reivews:


    Danger Den makes the water blocks for BFG 8800GTX.


    EVGA 680i mobo is 12" long. Both the case & mobo are ATX. The card would be a bit shorter than the mobo. So they should fit.

    Dimensions 12.0" x 9.6"


    Upload the photos & close-ups of the water blocks & ask them for details.


    As for c2d cpus, you should get at least e6400/6600.
  2. Alright, hey thanks alot. Really gets my mind set on what I plan to do.
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