Where is the bottleneck ???

I just got a 7600gs (agp) and it did not give me the performance increase i expected. I upgraded from a
Gforce mx200 pci. In BF1942 my framerate hovers around 30fps and dips to low 20s. Same on all settings high to low but gets better with fewer bots. Everything renders fine and no artifacts, just low fps. Is there a bottleneck somewhere or is something wrong with my system? Any input is welcome. Thanks.

System specs
Abit AI7 865pe w/pat enabled
1 Gig Corsair Valueram (2x512)@200(400) 2.5-3-3-5
Celeron D 2.66@3.2 stable
7600gs core@475 DDR2@450(900)
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  1. I don't play BF2 but I think that celeron is likely your bottleneck. BF2 has got to be spanking that chip. FPS with some exceptions is a codependent function of processor and graphics card, with the emphasis on the graphics card of course. As a cheap upgrade get an intel 805d ($90) and a good cooler ($30-50). You should see a nice improvement. The 805 overclocks like a mad man provided your power supply is up to snuff.
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