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I am building a new system. Can anyone reccomend a SATA DVD-RW/CD combo drive they like? I would like it to be able to play music CDs as well without it spinning at 100,000 mph and making more noise that the music itself. Thanks for any and all help!
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  1. So far, Plextor seems to have the best availability. I've not owned one, but have heard rumours that they are also very good. Any dvd r/w drive should also be compatible with CD's....

    Hope this was some help.
  2. A few rumours here and there... They mostly seem to be linked to the intel raid controllers, not to just stock standard sata ports. As a matter of fact, I had a wee bit of trouble getting my 7200.10 recognized on my DFI Lanparty when the standard sata controller died.

    There's always a work-around, just might be painful one evening.
  3. SATA drives aren't that more expensive than there IDE counter-parts normally just a couple of pounds more here in the UK.

    Heres a Lite-On one for under £24

    Or a Samsung one for under £22 (not in stock at the minute tho)

    The ones i know about are Samsung, MSI, Lite-On and Plextor. The Samsung an Lite-On normally sell for around the £20-£25 mark and the Plextor is normally double that and more, never seen an MSI one for sale so dont know about price on that one.

    Can recommend the Samsung one, mines fast, quiet and so far been reliable but its the IDE version, not used a SATA one yet.
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