Newegg Preferred Account & Bill Me Later

Has anyone used these 2 services? We tried applying but my dads credit score musta went down recently due to our recent relocation.

Does anyone know the requirements to be eligible like credit scores and stuff? Any way we could find out our credit score quickly and safely from a legitimate source?

Does applying for these multiple times reduce your credit score or hurt anything as well?

Thanks for your time
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  1. Hi Reaper2794,

    I do not have any expierence using Newegg Preferred Account or Bill Me Later, but I do know that applying for lines of credit(Credit Cards) does get reported and may temporarly lower your score.

    Check out this website for Clark Howard on CNN( ), this guy is very smart and the information you want about your credit and financials will all be there.

    This is a annual free credit site reccomended by Clark Howard:

    Hope this helps.

    One other thing: •Interest will accrue at an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 25.99%. If you do do this make sure you pay your balance before the 6 or 12 month period is up.
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