Advice please on my idea of when to build a new machine

To some of you if not all of you this may be an idea you have read so often in the past and I understand if you are sick of it. Generally with PC technology theres no real point waiting for an assumed good time to upgrade or build a new machine as it all moves so fast anyway however I believe this new era is a different kettle of fish.

Keeping an eye on recent happennings I think the time to upgrade to a machine that can last 3 to 4 years is still nearly a year away. I am cosidering the facts of the introduction of Windows Vista ( especially after reading THGs recent article on its processing power Vs XP), plus the introduction of DX10 (new vga cards coming soon)and the fact Intel are planning their new 2000 processors for a bit later this year. You also have to give the technology a chance to be worn in, (wait til drivers and software match the hardware and vice versa).

Do you agree or disagree and by how much? Eg do you think Im very intelligent and sensible or dangerously insane or something a bit more moderate?

Now I have had my current machine for nearly 4 years and put up with the fact I havent been able to play new games for over a year and half anyway so I can grit my teeth and wait that long but am I just wasting my time do you think?
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  1. I say go ahead and build you a nice system now. =)

    Get yourself a C2D system, plenty of ram, good quality components and be happy gaming. (Assuming you're at least a mild gamer from your post). You don't have to go with a really powerful video card right now if you want to wait for DX10. Get a 7600GT while waiting for a good deal on a DX 10 card. I have a 7600GT and it plays Doom3, HL2, anything else very well with decent settings.
  2. Future proofing (ie buying a system that you hope will last for 3-4 years) is ridiculous. You end up spending way to much money trying to "Future proof" your system when you could spend less and upgrade more often.

    For example, if you're looking to spend $1800 on a system, in hopes of getting it to last a long time, instead spend $900 on a system, let it last 1 1/2 - 2 years, then buy another $900 system. this 2nd $900 system will be MUCH nicer than the $1800 and you won't have to deal with being behind the times (not being able to play new games etc.) for 2 years.

    Theres my seven cents
  3. No one knows what a "futureproofed" DX10 gaming rig is and we won't know for at least another year. Once we do know what it is we will then need to wait for proven products that meet those requirements to become available at good prices. Trying to future-proof by buying bleeding edge hardware is a gamble for sure as some of your hardware might turn out to be bunk or unadopted (Prescott, Physx add-in card) cards, and very expensive. 1.5years is more like it if you're going to try and build a DX10 gaming rig that will last you 2 or more years.

    Quite frankly, DX10 might not even be around in 3.5years since it could very well take too long for it to catch on in the first place and might get replaced before it even matures and gains wide market adoption. DX10 is about offloading physics and other non-graphical tasks to the GPU but AMD and Intel are both working on heterogeneous mulit-cores that should kick potentially perform better than DX10 hardware for a much lower price (and probably be an open standard as well).
  4. I got an E6600 and a 7600 GT to last me for a while, although I am hardly a gamer but edit video all the time. As for future proofing, I'd say get good core parts for the long run, and upgrade the rest along the way when you need it. There will be much better deals in the future. That's how to do it if you want to save money.
  5. When it comes to gaming no pc is ever going to last you 3-4 years and still be able to perform well for gaming. At the very least you'll need a gpu upgrade or 2 during that time frame to keep up with the advance in technology.

    I think the best time to buy is always the time when you have the money and the need.

    That being said, if you are looking to "future proof" your system as much as possible, you might want to wait a few more months. Besides the inevitable price cuts, sometime in late q2-early q3, boards with the new bearlake chipset should be coming to market. They'll have some brand new features such as pci-e 2.0 and support for ddr3.

    Neither one of those features are really deal breakers right now, since pci-e and ddr2 are more than adequate for todays hardware, but 2 years from now both will probably be mainstream. Being able to get those features on your motherboard now, might allow you make some future upgrades in a year or 2 without having to replace everything.

    I'm also in need for an upgrade, but im trying to wait till these new boards come out. When i bought my last pc, I wasn't very aware of what was going on in the hardware world at the time and i ended up buying a pc with a 478 socket p4 + ddr1 and an agp interface. Within a few months intel went to a new socket, switched to ddr2, and agp was replaced by pci-e. Having all that happen so soon after I bought my pc meant, when I was ready to upgrade my options were severely limited, and upgrading my video card pretty much would require a whole new system.

    I'm trying to learn from my mistakes this time and buy everything at the beginning of its life cycle instead of the end this time. I think the cpu situation is just changing way too fast to allow for much of an upgrade path. However, waiting a few months to have access to pcie 2.0 will hopefully mean I can just toss a new graphics card in it in a year or 2 and still have a good gaming system, and not have to do anything else. You may want to consider doing the same.
  6. Thanks folks I much appreciate your feedback. One of the reasons I was waiting longer is the fact i was lead to believe that mobos would be brough out with dx10 in mind this year and like the last poster said i would like to future proof at least wiyh an upgrade path that wouldnt require a whole new machine in two years.

    I got by on my gaming fix playing Guild Wars and Pangya and my reflexes aint just what they used to be for twitch games but I would like to play some. What do you reckon about the PS3? I would go for that or the 360 if they were to bring out more rpg like WoW on them. Im getting tired of the pc rat race but I don think consoles are much better in that respect. Ah well maybe i need to get back to basics, find a cave in the hills and install a nice log fire in the middle and play solitaire with stones and draw on the walls.
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