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I have recently had my FIOS Router changed to a Actiontec M1424WR. It use to be a DLink, but it broke. Since then I have been unable to connect successfully my other Routers to expand my LAN. I have a Linksys WRT54G. This use to successfully connect with my DLink without any additional configuration. I have been trying for a couple of days now and I still cannot connect the Linksys with the Actiontec. Any advice on how to configure either one would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Just a shot in the dark, but have you checked to make sure you aren't using the same subnet on the LAN & WAN sides or your Linksys? IIRC, Dlink routers use the subnet and Linksys uses So, when you plugged your Linksys into the Dlink, there were two different subnets. If the Actiontek router is using, it could be conflicting with the Linksys. If that's the case, you could either change the LAN IP range on your Linksys router, or you could just disable DHCP on it and connect everything to the LAN port, essentially making it a switch instead of a router. That would probably simplify things for you anyway.
  2. Thanks That was the problem. I also think your second suggestion was a good idea. Thanks again.
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