Nvidia video driver issues with windows 7

Hi, my problem occurs when i open a browser like internet explorer or windows live mail. The monitor screen blanks for a few seconds. This happens randomly and intermittantly. but very annoying.
I have an Nvidia Gforce 260, running windows 7pro. Amd dual core processor.

The trouble started after updating my video and DivX drivers to play duke nukum.

I think it may be a driver issue because it happened about a year ago as well but eventually stopped. I have changed resolution settings with no effect to the blanking screen.

Any ideas?

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  1. go into the device manager and roll back the driver. start/right click my computer/properties/hardware/device manager.

    I've had trouble in the past putting too new a driver on too old a card. I even made one useless once.

    this may be another problem though.
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