Safest air cooling setup to take E6600 to 3.6Ghz stable?

I'm looking at getting a C2D 6600 and overclocking it as high as I can go on air cooling. Anyone have any recommendations for a safer solution at overclocking this processor?

P/S: OCZ GameXtream 700W
CPU: C2D E6600
COOLER: Tuniq Tower 120 P4 & K8
MB: EVGA 680i
MEMORY: Crucial Ballistix 2x1gb DDR2 1000 PC2(8000)

HD: WD Raptor 150GB

Those that have taken this CPU to 3.6ghz. How stable has it been? Is this your current everyday setting or are you having to throttle it back for everyday usage? I'm thinking the P/S may not be enough but am unsure.
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  1. DDR2-800 will take it to 400FSB (3.6Ghz) might want to cut some costs and go for some cheaper RAM. If you have the money by all means get the Crucial it's top quality, I believe it uses Micron D9GKX which are the best or near best quality chips for overclocking RAM.
  2. Yea I picked the Crucial to underclock them with tight timings and then work my way up from there. I figured the RAM sticks would be a safer way than trying to overclock sicks that were rated at 800.

    I've been researching motherboards as of late as well and while I know the potential is there for 680i chipsets I keep feeling myself getting pulled to a P965 intel chipset for more reliability. The new Asus Commando looks nice and tests well for overclocking.

    As for getting a 6600 to 3.6GHz stable for at least 2 years may be wishful thinking on my part but I'll spend the money wherever needed to make it possible.
  3. it's really easy to get an e6600 to 3,6 if you know what you're doing. basically just buy a good cpu cooler and pump up the voltage. mine runs at 1,6-1,7 volts and has been for at least a good year. as long as you keep the temperatures down, voltage isn't a problem :)
  4. What is the best cooler for them? Not going stupid with money obviously.
  5. I read some great reviews of the coolermaster v8 and the xigmatek hdt-s1823..
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