doesn't work: DVDwriter&IDE Disk connected with 1 line

I just bought a mainborad - TopStar C61vm (all in one)

When I try to boot up from CD to install the WinXP on disk, there always shows " invalid disk..."

After unplugged the harddisk , the winXP bootable CD can boot up the system.

What happen?

There're only one IDE interface on the board. And I have tried the following:
1. DVD Master HD Slave;
2. DVD Slave ; HD Master
3. DVD HD Cable Select

All these doesn't work...

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  1. did you check the boot priority so that the Optical was ahead of the HDD?
  2. Did you use the hdd mfg install/fix program to format the hdd. You should be able to download it from the hdd mfg site and run it from a floppy.
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