Last Check Before I Buy!!!

Here are my specs, this is going to be used for Video/Photo Editing and gaming (just a little :D ):

E4300 (OC in the future, upgrading to quad in maybe 1-2yrs)
OCZ Platiums Rev. 2 DDR2-800 2GB (I know I could go to 667Mhz, but the price difference is almost non-existant)
OCZ GameXstream 700W (This might be too much, but I want to make it future proof)
Gigabyte DS3 (does the solid caps really make them more durable?)
Seagate Barracuda 320GB
Antec P180b Case
Asus x1950 Pro (kinda hard to find a decently priced one, might go with the 7900 GS if I can't find the x1950Pro) Not going SLI or CF.

1. What do you think?
2. All compatible?
3. I'm sort of on a budget, but any recommendations or changes that you would insist will be in consideration.
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  1. look great, well thought out and researched. Let us know how it tunes out.
  2. Thanks fellas
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