I am having same ff'in problem

Hi guys,
I got 2 HIS X1650XT Turbo cards that also use the bridge. I can't get them to use the freakin Crossfire all though the greyed out option appears.

Please help me on this,

you can email me at lanscaper@gmail.com also if you have an answer thanks
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  1. First off, what motherboard chipset are you using?
  2. I am using the P5W DH Deluxe Asus Motherboard using the 975X chipset

    I have 2 x HIS X1650XT Turbo Radeons (yes i know i should have bought 1 sweet card but this is what I got now)

    I got the 2 internal bridge connectors on the cards, doesn't let me enable crossfire function in ATI Catalyst. Please help me out thanks

    - Evan

    I am using the E6300 Core 2 processor on this setup, I have a thermaltake 700W powersupply which is prolly over kill for what i am running. Also have a Raid 0 setup with 2 x 250GB HDD"s.
  3. I'm reading the wiki entry and it says that some intel chipsets support Crossfire. Does your board boast crossfire support?
  4. Yes it does. I manage a PC shop in a small town, just can't get this figured out.

    HIS Support says this:
    Dear Sir,

    You can try check the below things:
    1. Insert two VGA cards with two bridge cables;
    2. Adjust setting for CrossFire inside Motherboard BIOS for prepare
    Crossfire, ;
    3. Uninstall the current display driver and update Motherboard BIOS and
    chipset Driver, and try to install Catalyst 6.10 from
    4. Check the display manager has four windows or not.

    Best Regards,

    HIS Support

    So I will give these options a shot...
    If you have more info plz contact me.
  5. Still does not work:

    - Updated my BIOS to latest version
    - Removed ATI Catalyst 7.1 and installed older Catalyst 6.1 as suggested by HIS tech support.
    - Chipset drivers are recent


  6. Hmmm... can you use the DVI pass through cable instead of the bridge? Maybe that'll work? (I don't know a whole lot about CF, sorry)
  7. I'm not familiar with that board, but some motherboards require a jumper to be set in order to enable Crossfire or SLI.

    Anandtech used Cat 6.9 and got Crossfire functioning on the P5W DH Deluxe.
  8. I will give that a shot now, uninstalling my current drivers/catalyst etc.. then will install cat 6.9 direct from ati.com web page

    As for the motherboard I cannot find any documentation that suggests I need to change a jumper nor can I find anything in bios related to crossfire. The external DVI cable thing is for different cards then what I have. These ones that use the internal bridge don't need that out side cable setup from what I have come to understand and from HIS support has told me.

  9. I'm starting to think HIS are just shit cards, nothing is working
  10. It could be a bad card. I do not know of any tools available to a shop tech to test this theory.

    What you need to do is find another CF enabled system and swap cards.
    Also, do both cards work fine (testing using PCCHECK) as the primary card?

    If you dont have PCCheck, get it as its a great program for a shop to own.
  11. I am getting PCCheck now, both cards seem to work fine when tested independantly for normal / game usage.

    I'm at a loss. I've posted for help in the asus forum to see if there is something regarding the motherboard that I haven't done to enable crossfire.
  12. I pretty much know very little about crossfire but was wondering when you get one card working then turn off the computer and add the second card neither card works?

    Is it possible that you do not need the dongles..? Was reading that you needed it for Nforce4 but possibly not others.......

  13. Actually the cards sound like the are doing fine, it looks like a motherboard recognition thing.

    Check with ASUS to see how to enable Xfire on the MoBo, it's obviously not being recognized as Xfire ready, that similar to plugging it into an nV MoBo.

    If Intel withdrew support, then you may have to run a hack, haven't looked into the reviews, but that's what sounds like is happening to you.
  14. Quote:
    I am getting PCCheck now, both cards seem to work fine when tested independantly for normal / game usage.

    I'm at a loss. I've posted for help in the asus forum to see if there is something regarding the motherboard that I haven't done to enable crossfire.

    Regardless if PCcheck finds any problems for this particular issue, it will make tech life much easier.
    It has a good PCI-mobo diagnostics kit that is quite reliable and compatible with much older systems. It has loopback connectors for all the major connections which is great. ... and the hard drive diagnostics are perfect!

    Enjoy the package.
  15. Caamsa: Both cards work independantly yes, and when I have both in the computer and have them plugged in as suggested for cross fire I can still use my computer no problem. Just can't enable crossfire in catalyst pack.

    Comptia Rep:

    Thanks bud, we are always looking for more tools to make life easier in the shop. UBCD has been very helpful as I am sure PCCheck will be too.
  16. Though there are many independent Linux based recovery CDs, the one we use is called ERD commander. I havent used yours, but that tool (pre MS ownership) has been very useful.

    And any tools your looking for, PM me and I can point u in the right direction.
  17. I've contacted ATI, ASUS, and HIS regarding this problem. I have seen a handful of posts of people with the same problem trying to crossfire the HIS X1650 XT cards. Hoping to get an answer to this tomorrow, will post more info as it comes.
  18. Quote:
    Hi guys,
    I got 2 HIS X1650XT Turbo cards that also use the bridge. I can't get them to use the freakin Crossfire all though the greyed out option appears.

    Please help me on this,

    you can email me at lanscaper@gmail.com also if you have an answer thanks

    doesn't crossfire require what's called a 'crossfire edition' card ?? you said you got 2 of the HIS X1650XT Turbos, is one crossfire edition?... maybe i'm just stupid... i pay more attention to SLI
  19. I thought that to be a possibility also all though no one can confirm it. HIS support made no mention to that being a problem so I'm not sure
  20. No, not from the X1950Pro down. The lower end cards use software CrossFire which doesn't require the compositing chip. The newer chips from ATI have the compositing chip on the GPU die which eliminates the need for a Master card.

    Hey Lanscaper could you try booting into windows without the bridge cables and see if you can enable CrossFire. The older low end didn't use the dongle (the bridges weren't available at that time), they used the PCI-E bus for CrossFire. See if that works.
  21. Had a guy in the shop suggest that, I had no luck with it. I did try it again just now along with uninstalling and reinstalling the latest ATI drivers with no avail :(

    ATI Support has gotten in touch with me, unfortunately It would seem they didn't take me very seriously... heres what they said:


    If you are experiencing issues with the Catalyst Control Center starting, or if you are receiving an error similar to "Cli.exe - Application error - The application failed to initialize properly", verify that you have installed the Microsoft .NET component and reinstall the Catalyst Control Center with out any Anti-virus or background applications running. A link to the Microsoft .NET component can be found here:


    For usage and feature information, the Catalyst Control Center user's guide is also available online at the following location:


    If you are experiencing issues with the Catalyst Control Center, such as, missing features, start up problems, errors or other issues, you may need to perform a thorough reinstall of the Catalyst software suite. To do this please follow these instructions:

    Download the latest Catalyst package from our website and save it to your desktop: (be sure to write down the file name, you will need it later)

    Go to add/remove programs in the control panel and uninstall all ATI software that is listed

    Reboot the computer

    Cancel any "Found New Hardware Wizard" windows that open

    Install the Catalyst suite by double clicking on the file that you have downloaded

    Reboot the computer

    If these suggestions don't help to resolve your issues, please respond to the ticket and one of our qualified support representatives will assist you. To respond to this ticket you must visit http://support.ati.com and login to My Support.

    Thank you for choosing ATI!"
  22. Here's a few bits I found:

    What's the symptom? Is the "enable Crossfire" checkbox grayed out in
    Catalyst Control Center? (As a side note, you need to install CCC and leave
    it enabled as a startup service for Crossfire to work.)

    CrossFire installation is a somewhat unpleasant experience, and therefore worth briefly discussing. Once both graphics boards were installed, we booted the test system up after setting the CrossFire option in the motherboard's BIOS to dual cards, only to discover that the option in the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) to enable CrossFire was grayed out. Puzzled, we set the BIOS option back to Auto. The CCC then showed the checkbox as available and said to cable the display to the master card, though at that point it was connected to its DVI output. Taking this as a suggestion to install the CrossFire interconnect, we wrestled the cable into place (not the easiest of tasks) on both boards and then attached the display's DVI cable to the end of the dongle. The screen went black, having lost its video signal. Reconnecting the display to the regular DVI output on the master card (leaving the dongle still connected), we then checked the enable CrossFire option in the CCC and again tied the display to the interconnect cable. At this point the CCC read that CrossFire was enabled.
  23. ATI had me run the atiiprxx.exe to give them more information about my current system settings. Hopefully they can send me back something useful.

    HIS told me to RMA the cards, I called my supplier and she in turn had me talk to one of the technicians there. Unfortunately the guy there has only used SLI and has no expierience with CrossFire so he "promised" he would try it out and see what he can do before I can send these cards back and preferably trade in for a 1950 series card.

    Who knows...

    I also ran the free 3dmark06 and it shows when i have 1 Radeon installed that the PCIE BUS is at 16 X and when I have both cards in the PCIE BUS is 8 X so it looks like the mother board is automatically putting the settings accordingly for CrossFire functionality but with it doesn't seem to help my problem :(
  24. Hey Lanscaper, I have used ATI's tech support before. It's an automated service, if you respond to it, you should get a real person. I can't remember if it took one or two responses, but I did get a person to answer my question. Coincidentally it was a CrossFire question, though not one on how to get it to work. When the X1950 cards first came out the X1900 Master cards disappeared. I was worried that if I ever did get around to wanting to go CrossFire, I wouldn't be able to find a master card. Being that the X1950 is nothing more than a X1900 with GDDR4 clocked slightly faster, I didn't see a reason why I couldn't use a X1950 master card with my X1900XTX. Eventually I got an official answer from ATI saying that it would indeed work. About two days later a new review came out that said the same thing.
  25. how about this. Buy another CF mobo and keep it for future testing at your shop. ... and test your cards that way.
  26. Demand is so low for gaming computers out here it would be hard to move that mobo ;) As is I have a SLI motherboard that no one is interested in. For the most part the people of my small town just want to check there email and what not.
  27. Not to sell, as a test motherboard.. .. keep it.
  28. Its a good idea but even so, I don't think I will ever test CrossFire again unless its on my PC. I am serious about no one wanting it :)
  29. Not surprising.
  30. As A Final note to this post. ATI support stopped talking to me, HIS told me to return my cards and ASUS doesn't know.

    So I bought a 7900GS for cheap and am selling off my X1650XT's.

    - Peace and thanks for all the replies
  31. Side note:

    XBMC (xbox media center) FKING (insert 20 other expletives) RULES.

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