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Not sure if this is the right forum, but anyways, whenever I try to log on aim or MSN it says "connection lost" and whenever i try to go to sites with HTTPS it says they aren't safe and asks me if i want to proceed or leave. Sites like wachovia, amazon account a management, etc. When i do sign on im unable to view the images of said products or even the buttons. instead of the image its either a box with a icon that looks like a torn peice of paper or has like 3-4 colored boxes within it. Im not sure what this is called.
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  1. I bet the time on your computer is in correct, sync it to a time server and you should be all set.
  2. unable to start the windows time service. please try again later.
  3. also tomshardware keeps saying i need to verify my account within 48 hours even though ive already done that several months ago. why is this retarded mess happening to me =/
  4. ddli said:
    unable to start the windows time service. please try again later.

    Well then thats the next question, why is this not starting. can you go to services and manually start it?
  5. you mean set it to a different time server? if so, nope. Ive tryed the NIST ones or w/e and still nothing
  6. tryed the registry thing, didnt work. The value was already the same as what he posted, but i re imput it again just incase.
  7. help pls =l
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