Which is better 975x or P965!!??

Intel has listed the 975x chipset as a performance chipset , and the P965 as an entry performance chipset..!

Most of the people suggest to buy the P965 rather than the 975x..

what is the reason??? WHY IS THE P965 BETTER THAN THE 975x???
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  1. >WHY

    Because the price/performance ratio is better for the 965.
  2. It's cheaper and overclocks better. It also has newer features and faster raid speeds. I'm bored to list you but here we help people so read this and your wish is done!! :wink:


  3. I agree. The ASUS 650i is lame and really a bad quality board if you ask me. I really looking forward to other 650i releases which will set things straight with this chipset.
  4. The MSI doesn´t look bad. Comes with a Soundblaster X-fi onboard too (it´s the cheapest one available though).
  5. Quote:
    I would only recommend a 975x to someone that wants to crossfire. Otherwise the p965 is a better choice for your money. I am really anxious to see what the 650i ultra boards are gonna be like when they come out from a price/performance standpoint. It would be nice to finally have a fairly inexpensive motherboard for Intel with nvidia chipset.

    The 965P does, in fact, support x-fire. (Gigabyte DQ6. Scroll to bottom)

    The 965P overclocks better than the 975X, and it has the better southbridge. It also has a better memory controller.
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