:?: I am currently building myself a computer. u no, stickin the bits that make a computer together (no i dont mean with glue).
Any way, i was wondering what you all advised i should get, as this seemed the place to find such a group of well informed peoples.
:D i no u wont let me down, hehehe.
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  1. I would suggest telling us what you want to use the computer for, and how much you're willing to spend.

    I would also suggest learning to spell and punctuate, so people will take you more seriously. A few errors in a sentence, people tend to let slide - anyone can make a mistake. Phrases like "u no" instead of "you know" tend to make people look at your post as if you just can't be bothered - and after all, if you can't be bothered to make an effort when you make your original post why would anyone want to help you?

    For reference, I would suggest the following specs for a computer;

    Core 2 Duo processor, E4300.
    2Gb of DDR2, as fast as you can afford.
    Intel 965 - based motherboard.
    Whichever graphics card is best on your budget - I would suggest an X1900XT or wait for the 8600GT/ULTRA/8800GTS with 340Mb.
    About 300Gb of hard drive space.
    Windows XP.
    A generic case.
    A decent PSU.
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