Looking for 5.25" drive bay insert for power, usb, etc

Hi all, and first post here.

I'm currently swapping out the case on my PC (just don't need a full tower anymore) and since I'm tired of reaching down to the floor to hit the power button, I've been looking for a case with the power buttons up high, along with audio and maybe a few usb ports.

Unfortunately, most of the cases that fit my needs are 1) bigger than I want, and 2) pretty expensive.

Recently I saw a case with a 5.25" drive bay insert that had everything I wanted (power, reset, audio, usb, etc) and I've been trying to find where I can buy one. What I'm looking for is similar to what's on the case in this pic. If I could find something like this, then it would expand my case options considerably.

Any info or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. you could for 3$ buy a power switch from walmart in any style you want and wire it to the power connect on the mobo. At this point, you could put the power button anywhere... even build it into the desk.
  2. Hey, that thing's pretty trick, thanks. I didn't find that exact one, but I found another one like it on that same website.

    I ended up stumbling across this case at Newegg. It has a top-mounted control panel with usb, audio, power, and 1394. Pretty much exactly what I need.

    The case is a little bigger than I wanted, but for $45, I figured I can't go wrong. I can always sell it locally if I hate it.

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
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