Running W7 Ultimate 64 bit. I need a driver for my Intel CS 430 webcam. Any ideas?
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  1. Need a new webcam, that one is not supported under Win 7.
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  3. hang-the-9 said:
    Need a new webcam, that one is not supported under Win 7.

    I have this problem too (same stats). Thanks for the verification. :(

    (but.... before I go), I would like to take this opportunity to SCREAM :fou: because once again THE CORPORATION has timely kicked the small business owner where it really hurts. It was bad enough when I left 98 for ME at the turn of the century. (No need to tell anyone how that went....)

    3 months later I was forced to purchase 2000 PRO, a real blessing, but few of my business programs (and some hardware) ran under it, so I had to invest in updated software and drivers. Then XP came out and most, but not all of my software ran under it, so I was forced to invest a bit more, not to mention the hours of blue screen under sp1.

    I learned my lesson about said CORPORATION so I never even bothered looking into Vista...

    Now I buy a new box with Win7 (64) included, and again my beautiful and productive (now legacy) hardware and software seems to be going out the window... This time though I am just killing time (on a dual boot), not hurting economically or wasting valuable days, because I've been using Linux for the last 2 years and the CS430 camera (and all the free software I need for that matter) runs very nicely. :bounce:
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