Ntune in Vista

Has anyone else tryed using Ntune in Vista. The website says that it is compatible, but everytime i try and run the tool i get a window that pops up that reads :

Caution: You do not have the administrator privilage to execute this application.

Ive tried to install an reboot multiple times, but am drawing a blank.
Anyone else having the same problem???

Edit: Running Vista Ultimate
P5N32-E sli
Forceware 100.54 Drivers.
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  1. right click on the icon for nTune, select properties. Under Compatability check the box near the bottom to "run as administrator"
  2. Yes sir. Worked great. Thxs. Rancor.
  3. Seems odd......but i cant up the core frequencies 1 mhz without the card failing the "test". The "detect optimal" button actually lowers the card clock to 547Mhzs. Using ATI tool i can get the core clock up to 634 stable.....
    Anyone had success with Ntune?
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