New computer, fallout 3 and DLC and Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

I cant get my 6 GB of corsair 1600Mhz memory to show it says i only have 4GB... also Fallout 3 and the DLCs are giving me a ton of ***. on it says its my OS and only my OS (((everything in my rig is over kill for thi game))) so it cant be my parts. and it cant be the OS because ive played it perfectly fine 2 times just testing it. all the DLC's popped up when i got out of the vault everything... OR should i just buy the Fallout 3 GOTY? insted? and if so would that even work? PLEASE HELP
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  1. See number 10 in this thread:

    Slightly different scenario, but the solution may help your problem. If that doesn't solve it, reboot your machine and get into the BIOS. Make sure all 6GB is reported there. If not, reseat all your ram and check again.
  2. reseat?
  3. kingcody187 said:

    Yea! Pop the ram sticks out and then put them all back. Make sure they are seated properly, meaning they are in good and tight AND the correct way.
  4. ahh!! alas. i tried that and didnt work... i got a 64 bit OS. my dad said it wont recognize 6 GB i have to have more... he says at least.
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