Weird sound problem...?

Alright so here's the deal. I recently switched parts from an old proprietary HP case into my new Antec 900 for more silence/cooling/whatever and as soon as I boot it up I notice a few problems. I fixed the other ones easily but there is one more: My sound doesn't work.

I've done some general troubleshooting here is another topic I posted on it: Sound not working

I'm almost certain it is a hardware problem because I've never had this problem before and I didn't do anything Drastic on the OS side let alone something drastic dealing with sound drivers.

Here is a picture of my motherboard:

I have hooked up the firewire, USB and Power button/Reset button but not the front audio.

Does it have to be hooked up for my motherboard audio to work? I don't have my speakers hooked up to the front audio (obviously :P) and I never did before.

Help is appreciated. :? I'm really stumped.
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  1. Well I guess I could go out and buy a sound card and fix the whole issue...
  2. I have had single components of my motherboard stop working before while the rest still works. Currently my onboard network port is shot.

    Try buying a cheap soundcard and see if that is your problem. Sabrient makes <$10 5.1 cards.
  3. Since your problem started when you changed your case, you could check if the pins on the back on your mobo are touching the case' metal. Shortcircuits aren't good. :tongue:
  4. The Mobo is seperated from the case by those half inch gold-or-copper-doohickies

    Ordered the Xtreme Gamer card ($50 after MIR). We'll see what happens when it gets here. I'll post back.
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