How to distribute DumpsterAlwaysOn through Group Policy?

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I know how to do the DumpsterAlwaysOn reg hack for Exchange on a client
But can anyone tell me how to push it to all clients through Group
policy Management?

I've had a look in Grp Pol Mgmnt by;

1. Creating a new group policy object
2. right click - Edit; then Navigating to - Computer Configuration,
Windows Settings, Security Settings, Registry.
3. I can add a new key, but I cant change values for this key.

Can someone please help?


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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)

    Hi all, found a few solutions and typed up a procedure, here it is:

    Procedure: Applying a registry entry change to a Group Policy using a

    NOTE: In this example the registry entry is DumpsterAlwaysOn for

    Create the registry entry:

    Open regedt32.exe on your local machine.
    Navigate to
    Choose Edit - New - DWORD Value
    Name the value to "DumpsterAlwaysOn"
    Right click the value and choose Modify
    Set the Value Data to 1 and make sure the Base is Hexadecimal
    Click OK
    Highlight the value DumpsterAlwaysOn and choose File - Export
    Export this .reg file to a location e.g. c:\temp
    Name the file DumpsterAlwaysOn.reg

    Install NUTS.EXE
    Download NUTS.EXE from or
    Install NUTS.EXE on your local machine.

    Create .adm file
    Once NUTS.EXE is installed, click Start - Programs - NUTS - Reg
    to Adm
    Choose File - Import REG file
    Choose c:\temp\DumpsterAlwaysOn.reg
    In the "REG Source" window, delete the following text;

    "FullAddressInText"="SMTP COMPUSERVE FAX"

    Choose File - Regenerate ADM text
    Choose File - Save ADM template

    Save this file on the domain controller in c:\%windows directory%\inf
    as DumpsterAlwaysOn_template.adm

    Import .adm template into Group Policy Management
    Choose Start - Administrative Tools - Group Policy Management
    Expand the domain
    Right click on Group Policy Objects - choose new
    Name the new object DumpsterAlwaysOn
    Right Click on the new Group Policy Object (DumpsterAlwaysOn) and
    choose Edit
    Expand Computer Configuration
    Right click Administrative Templates - choose Add/Remove Templates
    Choose Add
    Select file \\%domain_controller%\%windows
    Click Open
    Click Close
    Highlight Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates
    Choose View - Filtering - untick "Only show policy settings
    that....." and choose OK
    Expand Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\
    In the right panel, right click DumpsterAlwaysOn and choose Properties
    Ensure Enabled is checked
    Ensure DumpsterAlwaysOn value is set to 1
    Click OK
    Close the Group Policy.
  2. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)


    Kendall schrieb:
    > I know how to do the DumpsterAlwaysOn reg hack for Exchange
    > on a client machine.

    You can use an own adm template.

    Mark Heitbrink - MVP Windows Server
    W2K FAQ :
    PM: Vorname@Homepage, Versende-Adresse wird nicht abgerufen.
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