Need help trying to set fan to cool down CPU

Im in need of help, right now im running a E6400 with stock cooler (no OC), and its running at about 50 C idle and 56 C when gaming (ambient temperature recorded by my nVidia display panel is 42 C), I know its not critical temperature but my computer stays running nearly 15 hours daily and im afraid in the long run this will damage my CPU. Fan is usually at around 900-1100rpm (and I know it can go higher, because I've seen it run at 1800rpm when gaming).

I've tried tinkering with Speedfan to increase fan speeds but to no avail, Im currently using an intel D946GZIS motherboard and had a "System Fan Control" option enabled, which I just disabled, but it didn't increase fan speeds.

The reason im a bit alarmed is because I was reading that the CPU threshold is at about 60 C and speedfan shows either a blue arrow or green checkmark for every other temperature except my CPU (which shows a flame icon), and Im assuming that it means that my CPU is hotter than it should be.

Any help will be tremendously appreciated.
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  1. Yes, 50º idle @ stock is a little bit high. If you are not OC'ing then the stock cooler should be enough. Just check is properly sitting and your case air flow is good.

    What case do you have?
  2. its an old minitower case that i bought about 5-6 years ago for around $30-40, its very spacey for a minitower if thats what you're asking, enough room to work around. ill try replacing the fan.
  3. Just replaced the fan to see if it wasn't placed properly, but it didn't help. do you think it could possibly be a lack of thermal paste? I didn't bother buying any this time because I saw that the stock fan had some on the bottom of it, but maybe it wasn't enough...?
  4. You have an intake fan in that case, or just outake? Which size are the fan (s)?

    Sure you could try to re-apply some thermal paste, but for a C2D you just need a very thin layer of thermal paste. More is not good in this case.
  5. duplicate deleted.
  6. I have two fans supplying air to the inside of the case from the front and two fans extracting the air on the back of the case (trying to follow a good ventilation pattern). And the reason I had the idea of the thermal paste is because when i removed the fan i didn't like how it looked like (not an "evenly spread layer" like I was taught)
  7. Yeah, well it should be a very small amount of thermal paste. I have to notice that the paste that comes with the "boxed" CPU is applied in more quantity than the "cutting edge" thermal pastes like Arctic Silver 5. But maybe the TP wasn't properly managed when the CPU was installed the first time.

    I would suggest getting some AS5 and apply it according to their own instructions.

    AS5 instructions

    Anyway, I have to tell you that you are inside the normal operating range of temperatures for that processor. As I said before, if you are not OC'ing there's nothing to be worried about and your CPU won't die because of that, but it would be nice to low that temp 4 or 5C.

    The most important thing is to keep the load temp under 60º.
  8. alright thanks for the help, you just lifted a big weight from my shoulders... I want this CPU to last me at least 2 years :P it has never reached 60 C, most is 58 C when playing oblivion or prey.

    i'll be off in a few hours to get that paste or at least try to find it (can't go now, its midnight and I don't know any PC stores open around this time)
  9. Anytime... Keep posting with the results :-)
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