cross platform gaming. 360 and vista

will i ever be able to play my friends who all have xbox live wit there 360 in halo 2 or any other game. Microsoft has deminstrated that you can play uno cross platformed. sounds like this idea will progress ??
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  1. Uno? That card game?

    Big difference between Uno and Halo 2.

    I heard something about crossplatform support for Halo 2, but then it was scrapped.
  2. yes i know iam not an example thats why i said will this progress...

    i guess i will just have to get a freaking 360 to pwn there asses

    i love bragging to them bout my computer being better than a 360 muha ha ha lolol
  3. Have you looked into "Live anywhere"? Its what I believe is the beginning of what your talking about. My Xbox Live gamertag is linked to my "MSN Spaces" blog and gets updated as and when I play, this is the start. Eventually I do believe that MS will indeed allow cross platform gaming. I imagine the PC players will always win versus competitions as I would argue that they are more "hardcore" gamers, but it will be frickin fun all the same!

    It will also be a good tool for Microsoft to get people to buy more 360's.
  4. Will you ever be able to? Yes, Microsoft have said you will.

    In all games? No. They are planning on keeping the Halo ones different, because console FPS and K&M FPS don't compare.
  5. true that pc versions of a fps game is eaiser to use than the sonsole version, but thats mainly because of the mouse and keyboard :P

    sooo all u need is a USB mouse and keyboard that can be used with the consoles.

    I think cross platform gaming is not very far away.
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