8800GTS + LCD TV

I'm a little lost and confused when it comes to the connectivity.

I have a Nvidia 8800GTS and a Samsung 26" HD LCD TV.

I'm looking to connect the two to be able to play games in High Def, but I'm not sure what cable to get or how to go about it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Does the TV have a DVI input? If so, that is the best input to use. Make sure you match the resolution setting of your video card to the native resloution of your TV for the best picture. Your TV manual should explain this.
  2. Yeah it does. Is DVI-d any different from DVI?

    I'm looking at this cable.

  3. Checkout this site: http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.html?i=1577&p=3 That cable will work for your setup, as the DVI-D does only the digtal video signal while DVI-I does both. You really want the digital signal only, so this will work for you.
  4. DVI-I sounds good for the graphics card connector, the one in the TV is a standard DVI connection.

    Is there a DVI-I to DVI connector available?
  5. Does the connector on your TV match the one on the cable that you linked earlier? If so, you are good to go. There are two standards for DVI, DVI-I and DVI-D. Both have the digital signal, but DVI-I also has an analog video signal. Your video card is DVI-I and the TV is likely DVI-D. What that means is that you will only be able to use it for a digital signal, which is better in any case.
  6. Yeah, it matches that one.

    The GFX connector is DVI-I and the TV is DVI-D.
  7. Get the cable and setup your video card for the proper resolution and you'll be playing games on a great screen. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for clearing that up mate, been a great help.
  9. hmmm, I use a S-video cable that came with my Video card to connect from my Card to my TV [32 inch Sharp LCD] should I be using a different cord or something for better quality?
  10. Component video is better than s-video and DVI is better yet. Here they are in order, with the best listed on top:

    1. DVI
    2. component
    3. s-video
    4. composite

    I didn't include VGA in the above list. If you have DVI, that would be the best to use for the best picture.
  11. Do you think you could link me with what the cord looks like for the DVI one then? I have no idea why that would plug into my tv x_X
  12. Check the link above provided by acsmyth where it says here.
  13. hmmm I dunno if i've seen a plug like that at the back of my tv, should there be? it's a Shrap AQUOS

    It's this:

  14. You need a DVI to HDMI converter cable. The HDMI includes audio, as well as the video, which DVI does not include. You need something like this: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10231&cs_id=1023102&p_id=2286&style=&seq=1&format=1#largeimage You will also need an audio cable if you want the audio to go from your PC to TV.
  15. Well I'm using the Audio from my Computer Speakers, I have surround around all around my room, and I download Anime and use the Duel View and watch it on my TV. Tho I've been using the S-Video the whole time.

    http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/9958/1408245714lwe5.jpg [This is my Room] ^_^

    So will this DVI to HDMI converter cable give a better quality then the s-video cable and would it work on my tv? ^_^ [sorry for making you reply back again and again Jim i'm just really slow lol]
  16. That makes it easier that you are using the PC audio. Yes, the DVI to HDMI cable will be a better picture than an s-video cable. Just make sure that the resolution of your video card matches the native resolution, 1366x768, of your TV. Nice setup!
  17. I have a Geforce 6800 Ultra so I hope it does the trick :P

    wait i think my tv does have that DVi thing, i see how at the bottom back, i'll post back in later tho, gotta go to work ^_^
  18. I've heard a few horror stories when people were trying to hook their computer up using DVI out on the card to HDMI in on the tv. Even though you should be able to set the machine to 1366x768 to match the resolution of the tv, in some cases it just doesn't scale or display correctly.

    If the monitor has a VGA input, I'd stick with that for a computer as it usually always displays without any scaling or distortion. If the DVI or HDMI in DOES work, however, then by all means use it :)

    Using S-Video out of the card will ultimately yield you a 480i signal into your tv...I'd avoid it if possible.
  19. K, i'm looking at the back of my TV and I do see the HDMI, and theres this other one that says RS-232C IOIOI. It kinda looks like the other type of plug that video cards used to have, but not the DVI one :P anywho, will I still get good quality with DVI HDMI compared to the DVI DVI one?

    Also, is this the one I should buy?

  20. yeah if the port looks like the older graphics card interfaces it's probably a VGA port for computer hookup. You might want to try adapting the DVI out on the card to VGA and using a good ole vga cable on the tv.

    Yes, going DVI to HDMI is theoretically a better connection, but in all honesty VGA SHOULD look virtually indiscernable as long as the actual input on the tv is of stellar quality.

    if you still want to try the dvi to hdmi route, that adaptor would have to be DVI female to HDMI male if you're using a DVI cable to traverse the distance from the card to the tv. If you're using an HDMI cable to traverse the distance, you'd need the HDMI female to DVI male adaptor just like the pic you posted. All depends on what cables you already have.
  21. Hmmmm, I tried a program called "PowerStrip" to make it use 1366 x 768, and it didn't really look that great, seems to look much much smoother on 1280x720. Maybe I made the settings wrong or choose the wrong 1366x768 setting, not sure ^_^ O well, this is a much greater quality then the s-video.
  22. For some reason many TV manufacturers recommend you use something other than the native resolution. My 32" widescreeen TV is like that and the picture still looks very good. Does your owner's manual recommend a resolution when connecting your PC?
  23. doesnt the picture look crappy when you use a tv like that? i hear the resolution is messed up and everything is way to large. thats just what i hear...
  24. It depends on thow the monitor scales. When in doubt, do what the manual suggests.
  25. Nah it looks good. I played BF2 on it, it was pretty fun and still smooth.
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