OC help, please - E6300, EVGA 680i

I just put together a new rig and its the first one I have built myself in about 4 years, so much has changed by way of options in the bios, etc.

I have read the guides online, but it seems somewhat dated, so I hope I can get some advice from the experts.

Here is what I am running:

Intel e6300
Corsair Dominator 8500c5d with the memory fan
Tuniq Tower
Antec 900 case with huge fans
EVGA 680i motherboard
Pc Power & Cooling silencer 750

I just put it together last night and did a quick preliminary overclock. The CPU is at 3.15 and the memory is "unlinked" and running at 1067 while the FSB is at 1800.

I tried going higher with the fsb but am starting to get video corruption, hanging, etc. I have seen people getting this high of an overclock on this processor with stock Intel cooling, so I dont want to be wasting money on the expensive ram and heatsink if this is all I can get. I also upped the cpu, fsb, and memory voltage by one tenth of a volt (as Maximumpc indicated that they did in their recent system build) but that didnt seem to help, so I took it back down.

Also, the memory timings are on auto and are at 5-5-5-18 - As I recall, im not at that computer right now. I had thought that SLI memory was supposed to automatically set itself to more aggressive timings.

So my question is this - What should I be expecting out of this system? I have cooling all over the place, so I wouldnt think that to be an issue.

What would be a good starting point on all of the settings, and then which ones should I be slowly increasing until I get a hang or something?

One last question - This was the first time I installed a heatsink and applied my own thermal grease - and I am wondering if I did that correctly. I did put it all over the processor, but a VERY thin layer - once I was done the layer was similar to a piece of tape residue once tape has been pulled off something it was on for a long time. Does that sound correct?
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  1. have you checked your rotator splints that bi-link the 2nd primary on the I/O hyperfloat?

    mine was cracked and i had to get it replaced.
  2. I am just basing my expectations on Maximum PCs article where they got 3.06 out of the e6300 on stock air cooling and pretty "normal" memory. I was hoping for 3.4 ghz. Is that unrealistic?

    Isnt the 5-5-5-18 timing set pretty loose?
  3. BY sli memory I was referring to the NVIDIA / Corsair partnership for the supposed automatic aggressive settings of the memory.

    I guess EPP memory was the correct term - I had thought I had seen the sli term used as well for that.
  4. After reading some more, I now realize that I dont have the CPU throttling features disabled or any of the spread spectrum features disabled...maybe that will help me.
  5. Quote:
    Although I can boot to 3.3ghz with mine, I wont run it at that because of temps. Im happy with 2.97ghz @ stock voltage.

    That is smart and a thing to consider when planning and implementing OCing.

    There are speeds at which a PC could boot, and maybe even operate at for periods of time. If, however, you are pushing the system to the edge at such speeds you should expect the system to start breaking down much soon. This could be the memory, the GPU, the CPU, the MB, etc...

    If you can get from 1.8 to 3.0 and not play with voltages or go crazy on the FSB you are in a sweet spot. You have just saved yourself $600-$800 on a E6800 and your system should not be overly stressed that you are killing its lifespan.

    The last little push from 3.0 to 3.2-3.4 may require lots of heavy handed tactics that start to degrade the systems lifespan while adding minimal amounts to real word performance differences. Consider what you are using the system for........In most cases this is going to be heavy gaming and GPU dependent. Oh you may be doing something like intensive stock market analysis via string theory, but I dont think so :>>
  6. Point well taken. I will be using it to decode AVCHD video from a High def camcorder, though, and Anandtechs benchmarks show an Extreme 6800 st 2.93 running at 100% to do that job, so every little bit helps to not drop frames. In fact that was a large reason for the CPU upgrade, because my previous 3.4 ghz single core Intel would only show me every 10th frame or so!
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