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Ok i have an Linksys Wireless-G Access point and can not find an ip adress when scan for it woundering if some 1 can help?trying to connect to internet with lap top and psp
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  1. Need a little more info.

    Are your connecting by wire or wireless.

    All setup must be done with a wire connection.

    If the factory software does not show the router, you may need to reset to factory. It's possiable it was a return and set for a different network.

    Can be done by holding the reset button for 10 sec.
  2. ok here is what im trying to do and have. I have a wireless access point and it is hook to my pc with an cat five cable i try to use my psp to get on line and it says error and there is an error on the desk top saying there is no ip detected i hit the reset button and i went to support and still no ip detected what can i do if any thing thanks
  3. OK, I think I under stand now.

    You are trying to connect psp wirelessly with a AP, And have another nic connect to www.

    Never have done it but it should not be much different than a pc.

    You need to activate ICS. Then select the connection to share, then you creat a bridge with AP ( Some AP do not support bridging) to the psp.
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