PSU only fits in case upside down??? Is this normal???

Ok, 1st build. Buying part by part.

Got first two parts, NZXT Apollo case, and Xclio 750W Great Power.

The holes do not line up (Case to PSU) unless the PSU is upside down (fan to the bottom) - stickers etc are now upside down, but the holes are spot on

Is this safe? seems very strange to me.
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  1. The fan is supposed to be on the bottom. That is an intake fan which takes the hot air from the computer and blows it out the back.
  2. Thanks, it just seemed a bit weird.

    Fits perfect now.
  3. In your case does the PSU sit on the top or the bottom of the case?

    If on the top (which is pretty normal), the fan should be on the bottom. If it were on the top it would be pressed right up against the top sheet metal and would be useless.
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