Low 3dmark05 score with x850xt pe

Hi, I have an x850pro bios flashed to x850xt pe and am barely breaking 5000 in 3dmark05 at default settings which is pretty low compared to all the other x850xt pe's ive seen. It's not a heat problem because i have a zalman cooler on the card that keeps it at low 30's idle, mid 50's load. Anyone know what the problem could be?

Other specs:
p4 2.8 @ 3.25ghz (zalman hsf)
1gb corsair 3200
fps 450w psu
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  1. At first I was going to say your CPU but maybe your flashing didn't go right, are all 16 pipelines open?

    AMD XP3200+ @ 2506mhz
    1G Corsair XMS 2.5/2/2/6
    ATI X850pro 560/590 16 pipelines enabled

    3D Mark 05 = 6,521
  2. backup rig:
    64 3700 san diego
    2G's pc3200
    2 250 G sata hd's raid 0(maxtor 16M)
    A8N-E mobo

    3D05 score...6061

    double check to see if the pipes did unlock..score on a pro is about 5000....x850XTpe is about 6300
  3. Yea both atitool and everest are showing that all 16 pipes are open. Maybe it could be a driver issue? I've only used catalyst 6.11 - 7.1 and the newest 2 omega drivers (based on catalyst 6.9 and 7.1). I might flash back to pro bios since I never benchmarked it and compare. Maybe something went wrong when i flashed to xt pe. Also would a p4 at 3.25ghz really lower my score that much?
  4. Futuremark - ORB - 05 X850XTPE - 6614 with OC'ing
    6385 3DMarks 05 without OC'ing

    P4 PGA478 Prescott 3200MHz @ 3279MHz
    Albatron PX865PEC Pro V2
    2x512MB GEiL DDR400 Dual Channel
    Powercolor X850XTPE AGP

    I'm running a similar system to you.
    I'm using the Omega 6.3 drivers.
    How are your games running?
    Checked for spyware or anything like that?
  5. Games are playable, about 30-40fps avg in DOD:S. No spyware or viruses. I just reallized my cpumark score was a whopping 1124 whereas yours was 4000+ and now I'm even more frustrated :x . Any ideas?
  6. Looks like you card is fine then.

    When you run 3d Marks 05 do you have Anti-virus or a firewall running?
    Any monitoring programs?
    Things that take CPU processing?

    Are your mobo drivers & BIOS the latest?
    If so try reinstalling the mobo drivers again anyway.

    How long since a format and fresh install of your operating system?

    Got an ORB link?
  7. Ok I think i found the main problem. Smartgart was disabling my agp so I did a fresh install of my chipset agp drivers and installed catalyst 7.1 drivers only. My new 3dmark05 score was 5803 and cpumark was 3940. A vast improvement. Thanks for the help guys, scores not as high as it could be but that's probably because of the processor and ram (non dual channel) now.
  8. With some overclocking, I bet you can break 6000.


    I'm guessing you CPU is the only thing holding you back now.
  9. Glad you found the problem. 8)

    That score sounds about right for single channel mode.
    But why is it single channel now?
  10. It was always single channel. I have a p4s800 mobo which unfortunately doesn't support dual channel.
  11. My other computer has a P4S800 MX SE mobo.

    Are you running 2x512mb or 1x1g for you memory?
    and 1T or 2T CMD rate on the memory?
  12. I have 2x512 and the CMD rate is on auto.
  13. If you want to play around for scores you can take one stick out and set it to 1T.
    Just set it back to auto when you put the memory back in the computer.
    As an experiment I did this and gained about 200 points in 3d 05.
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