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I installed a US Robotics 8054 router, but now I can't access the Net. I'm getting a good strong cable signal (not DSL)but no ISP recognition. I used the US Robotics configuration utility (USR apparently prefers that I not use the Windows XP configuration utility) to configure the router. In "Basic Settings" I've set my "WAN connection type" to "DHCP client" and "Obtain IP Automatically," and the IP address, subnet mask, and Default Gateway all appear ok. But under "Status," "Device Information," it says "DHCP Client disconnected," and all of the IP address values, etc., remain set to "0." So something is preventing a DHCP Client connection. This router worked fine with this computer at my old house, but after I moved (and therefore had to get a different ISP) the router is balking. Can anyone help me? (I'm using Windows XP Home on a Pentium 4 machine.) jim1248
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  1. Unplug the cable modem and router, wait a few seconds and plug the cable modem back in, wait 1-2 minutes, plug the router in then repair the local area connection on your PC.
  2. May need to clone your MAC address into the router.

    I's located under the WAN setup section.
  3. Thank you, Fred, and thank you, Blue. I've tried the steps you suggested. Still no luck. Any suggestions for Plan D?

  4. Wich order did you do. Clone then reboot or reboot then clone.

    power every thing down including pc.
    Power on the modem,
    wait 2 min,
    power on router,
    wait 2 min,
    power on PC.

    See if its working. Do you have a valid IP address?

    If NOT. How are you setting the router up?

    Time to blow the router setings away again.

    Do a Manual setup.

    Login to the router.

    If you can not, disable and re-enable your lan port.

    Go through the router like you were doing a manual setup. Start at the first screen and go through them all. Make sure you do not have a rule blocking outbound trafic.

    Let me know what happen, if more help is needed pull my USR manuals out.
  5. Do you need to tyoe in a HOST NAME and PASSWORD in the router main screen to access an IP from your ISP ?
  6. Sounds like you got some connection now.

    When you go to the routers home page ( you will need UserID & PW. Default id will be admin or administrator and NO PW. Unless the wizzard prompts you, which I think it's does.

    Then depending on you connection you may have to login to. Some DO (dsl PPoE) Some Dont, ( cable).
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