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The Linksys WAG354G modem-router is on sale at the moment for £49.99 (at Maplin), even better, it's bundled with a PCMCIA WiFi adapter. At that price, it becomes cheaper than many broadband routers, and I've had my share of cheap lousy routers, so I might take this opportunity to go wireless at home.

I have a question though, I receive broadband through the window (with WiMax operator, so I have no use for the built-in modem. But can I still configure my own modem to be used by the WAG354G? I've checked the user's guide on Linksys' website and also asked their support services (both the UK one and the international one), but so far no joy... I can't get a clear answer to that one.

Does anyone know more about that? Can a modem-router be used as a broadband router?

Many thanks in advance...
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  1. I would imagine no, simply because the internal DSL modem takes the place of a WAN port, so you'd have nowhere to connect your Internet connection to the router.
  2. That's exactly what I'm concerned about... I was wondering whether the modem could use one of the RJ45 ports or not, so it would become a matter of software.
    I was hoping there might be a workaround, but so far I haven't heard from Linksys (even though they proudly claim on their site that they commit to replying within 24h... yeah right!).

    Thanks anyway Fred!
  3. You could connect it to one of the LAN ports, but you'd need a separate device to do NAT for you.
  4. If the router can't do it itself, then it's not worth getting it. If I have to buy another device then I'd better save that money to buy a broadband router that I can use right out of the box.

    I've had bad experiences with low-end routers, (Belkin F5F7230-4, Linksys WRT54GS), sometimes having to reboot the router every couple of hours, so I was looking for a better compromise. I don't need advanced features, just a reliable wireless connection.
    Any suggestion for a budget around £50?
  5. You're probably going to be stuck buying a router and a modem, unless the Linksys device you currently have can be turned into a bridge where it just passes the DSL IP through to whatever device you connect to it. If it can do that, then you could use the device you have now as a DSL modem and connect whatever router you want to it.
  6. I've bought a ASUS WL-600g (modem/router) that I've figured out how to use it with an external modem. So I'm not using the internal modem of the router.
    The external modem as DHCP server, I don't know if this was the condition to work.
    The modem's ip is and I needed to change the router's IP to That's it! (Although I've spent some hours to get it right...)
  7. Note: I need to use the external modem because it has a interface to a normal phone (cheaper than ethernet voip phones) and does all the VOIP converting work.
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