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My computer is a 4 year old Dell Dimension 4550 with 1GB of DDR 333 RAM and a 2.8GHz Northwood.

It's motherboard can handle AGP 4x but not 8x.

Recently I've realised that my GeForce 5600XT (lol) isn't cutting it any more.

I'd like to replace it with a 7600GT (AGP).

Am I going to have any bottlenecks and is the fact that my mobo doesn't support 8x gonna hinder me.

The mobo is an Intel board with an i845PE chipset and CPUZ reports that it supports AGP 3.0
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  1. BAM!


    All u need!

    Go for the X1950PRO AGP its FAR superior in every respect compared to the 7600GT.

    and has THG just kind of proved x4, x8 AGP, or PCI-E buses dont affect the Video cards.
  2. You can use an AGP 8X card in your mobo no problem.
  3. ONLY if the card supports downthrottling to 4x. Most do... but not all.
  4. There are so few that don't, but I should have meantioned that. :)
  5. yes, you should have mentioned that.

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