Hosting and Joining with 2 PC's connected to a router

I am having trouble with my router.

When I HOST a game with 1 PC and I want to join the game with another PC on the same router it doesn't work!

Both the PC's are connected to a D-LINK ADSL 504T Router
but I can't find the problem.

I've tried everything.....if someone can just help me with this
I will be forever greatful
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  1. What game? Checked to see if windows firewall or any other security software might be blocking the connection? If it's an older game, do you have the correct protocol (IPX?) installed?
  2. Warcraft
    I disabled my Windows firewall.

    What I forgot to say is that I am HOSTED a game ONLINE with 1 PC and
    the other PC is failed to join
  3. Are you using
  4. You need to open the appropriate ports in your firewall to be able to host games. I think it's 6112 or something like that, and for each computer you need a different port. So something like 6112 and 6113 I think.

    If you google a bit you should be able to find the Blizzard faq that tells you exactly what you need to do.
  5. I hav no problem with hosting and my ports are 6119 and 6112,
    its joining the hosting PC with my other PC.

    I can host with both, but can't join one another.
  6. I'm not sure if what you want to do will work, just due to the way NAT works. Typically, you can't access NAT'ed services from the LAN side of a router. Because Blizzard chooses to route everything through, this might be where your problem lies.

    But as I said, I know Blizzard has a FAQ floating around and it should be able to answer your question. I googled for it, but couldn't readily find it.
  7. Try setting your Router to PORT TRIGGERING for the battlenet ports that are used.

    Make sure that the service user is ANY and not pointing to a specific IP address on the network.
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