Belkin N1 Wireless Router: Neighbor-Friendly but Flawed Draft 11n

Tim Higgins finds Belkin\'s Atheros-based entry into the draft 11n WLAN sweepstakes takes a step forward, but a few backward, too.
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  1. Quote:
    First, the bad stuff. I don't understand how you can have a > 100 Mbps router and have it not be able to handle even a dozen simultaneous sessions. This just goes to show that having a fast router doesn't mean that it will automatically handle P2P applications well.

    From my background with Belkin, there routers never performed well in a p2p environment. I had the old wireless G and the new G router. Both have serious issues with p2p2 connections.

    The F5D7230 stops responding when a p2p app. is started and the older model choked resulting in slow speed and often cutting all other traffic.

    My guess would be Belkin is not in the market for p2p routers.
  2. I have bough this Belkin unit.
    It replaced a Linksys WRG54 unit that worked flawlessly the entire time I had hit.

    Since I bought this Belkin Wirless-N unit I have had to reset it weekly, sometimes twice a week.

    There's really no need to comment on the rest of the unit, because if you have to keep resetting it, it qualifies as a piece of junk.
  3. The router is a large frustrating piece....

    It has a mind of its own, blocking out web pages and changing encryption configurations.???

    The thing is unstable and more of a pain than anything else..
  4. Belkin wireless kit is pretty poor in general anyway. A neighbour bought a -g router. The range was literally a few feet. The corresponding PCMCIA adaptor was extremely fragile - poor to begin with, then when dropped from (not very high) completely useless.
    An indication of how bad it was is that they bought a Linksys WRTG54 V5 router, and that is much better! The Linksys-at-home PCMCIA adaptor from Tesco has stood up to quite a bit of teenage usage.

    Belkin make nice cables, though.
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