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I'm on a serious mission right now. I've been everywhere trying to find out what are the best headsets/headphones that I can buy for under $200.00 that will provide me with the best sound in games.

Right now, I'm thinking of the following:

Audio Technica ATH A-900
Beyerdynamics DTT770
Sennheisser HD580
Sennheisser HD595

Obviously not one of these comes with a mic so I would have to purchase one aftermarket to clip on. I also think that in a few of those cases, I would also require a headphone amplifier. I've been over to, but those guys are audiophiles...not necessarily gamers, so their tastes don't translate to what I want.

I plan on using my cans almost completely for gaming, first person shooters, but I will of course be using them for music and movies during business trips and what not as well. Right now I'm using Sennheisser PC150's, which are decent, but I want a serious step up! I want to hear enemy positions and I want to know where they are before they know where I am.

My system is currently sporting a Creative X-FI XtremeMusic. I got it about a month or so ago, but haven't really figured out what settings to use...I mean any of them really.

So...that's it. What do you think?
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  1. I too have been looking for some cans and/or mic sets.

    From what I have researched, IMHO:

    Grado's SR60 headphones, best value for the money. A close 2nd are Senn's PX 100/PMX 100's. If you want IEM's (In the Ear Monitors) Shure E2G's get my vote. Full size I suggest Senn's HD 555 or HD 580.

    As for headsets, I use a separate mic and use headphones of choice. I have not read/seen many serious reviews on headsets.

    What do you think of the PC150's? I have been told and seen some small reviews that they are a decent set.
  2. Well the PC150's are decent, but that's about all I can say. They served me well, are very durable and the sound quality is so-so...probably good for your average user. I'm looking to kick it up a notch though....a bigtime notch.

    Grado's are not good for gaming, so I am running away from them. If I were considering music solely, then maybe, but I'd go for the SR80's. I'm not concerned about the mic, I'll buy that aftermarket no problem, but I must have a high quality set of cans.

    Right now I think I'm really torn between the A900's, the DT770pro's and the HD580's. My sound card won't drive the HD580's or the DT770's so I'll require a headphone amplifier though, which adds more money onto the cost of the headphones and the mic.
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