Now let's talk gfx card. Wich one did you like best ?

Since the threads on wich was you best cpu was so succesful, I thought we could do the same for gfx cards.

I was really impressed the first time I fired up mechwarrior2 with my Voodoo 1 ..... really impressed !

And Quake2 looked awesome when ran on my Voodoo2 8mb.

But the gfx card I liked best was my Asus GF4 4200ti 128mb .... it overclocked to 4400 speeds and above. That card was in my system for 3 years and even though it was only dx8 I played lots of dx9 games with it. HL2 ran faster with this card in dx8 than my 9600xt in dx9. (BTW the 9600xt was the wosrt card i ever got ... kept it 2 months)

And the card in my system right now is a Leadtek 7600gt ..... not as impressive as the gf4 but very close ... it allows me to play recent games @1280x1024 with high settings exept for Oblivion.

Now let's hear yours :)
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  1. Voodoo 2 was my first "real" accelerator. I decided to wait for the second gen after seeing the difference between the voodoo 1 and my current ati card at the time, aiw rage pro 8MB; I don't consider it a 3D accelerator at all but it held up to a voodoo 1. Next fav was TNT2 followed by Geforce 2 and original Radeon 64MB.
  2. I owned a 5500ultra that kicked a** but now I enjoy the pci-x era.


    AMD X2-4400+@2.6 S-939
    2X EVGA 7800GT IN SLI
    2X1GIG DDR IN DC MODE (soon 2b crucial balistix ddr500)
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024
  3. My 9700 pro kicked major anus... but then it broke and I RMA'ed it and they sent me back a 9800 pro, Yay!
  4. pci-e I hope you mean :)
  5. nah dude, don't you have the new PCI-X?! The X stands for eXtreme!
  6. Darn, I keep forgetting about these new standards!
  7. The first computer I ever had/used was a Micron Millenia with this ancient Pentium processor, might have been a 1 or 2 series, but I know it packed power in the graphics area with a Voodoo 2 graphics card that ran Starcraft: Brood War like a dream. My folks bought this back in 98' and it cost a rough 3100 bucks at the time, and to this day it still powers up on Windows 98.
  8. When I built my machine with the aiw, it was a PII 400 256MB Ram and a 12GB HD, cost just over 2500. My first pc had an ati integra with 128KB of ram I think. Course it was a 386/16 with 1 whopping meg of ram and a 40MB HD.
  9. Well, I have to say the one that impressed the most was indeed a Voodoo 3Dfx add in card. And it was to play Mechwarrior 2. I wish they would release new version of that game!
  10. Before 3D accelerators became the norm I was a big fan of the S3 Trio64+. I had a 1MB version It allowed me to play Sim City and Starcraft on my Pentium 90 and if anything slowed down I simply plopped in another meg of VRAM. Loved it!

    My 2x Voodoo2's in SLI is pretty high up there too, it played quake at an awesome 1024x768, and coupled with my K6-III it belted along. Mind you, it cost me a few grand for that system at the time.

    In the past few years my favourites would have to be GF4Ti series (I too had a 4200 which motored though games and still does on some titles) closely followed by the more recent nvidia 6600 and 7600 series

    My most hated video card I owned was the FX5600. It was significantly slower than previous-gen video cards. Worst gfx card purchase i have made
  11. I had a 4600, served me well but the fan died and the chip fried :(

    And JITPublisher, you know there was MW 3 and 4 right?
  12. My ELSA Erazor III Riva TNT2 32MB. Lasted me until 2002 I think.
  13. Mine was an ATI Rage Xpert 2000 with 64 mb of ram, i had to overclock the babe from 250 to 300 to run Starcraft...good times.
  14. I did have 3, but I didn't know about 4! Is it something fairly new?
  15. my voodoo3 followed by my Radeon9800 PRO (by hercules )
  16. My first 'offboard' graphics card was a Voodoo 3 2000, UT looked great on it!
    Then, I had a GF2 MX, GF2 GTS, GF4 Ti 4600, 5700 FX or XT or somin like that, then a 6800 GT, then a 6600GT (moved countries) then a 7800GT and now my 8800GTX.

    I remember the 6800GT being fantastic cos it would basically run at ultra speed!, the 8800GTX is also good but is held back a bit by my processor!

  17. When I first got into gaming I was using my parent's P4 northwood 2.66 (no HT) with 512mb of RAM and onboard GFX. As I started playing games other than C&C I decided to buy a dedicated card but to my horror discovered there was only PCI slots on my mobo :(. Enter the PCI fx5200, i thought that little trooper was the bee's knee's (I didnt know any better) I played C&C generals, CS, and even CoD for a while on it. After a while I bought my current machine which has had a few upgrades and I'm still happy with my 6800GT. Absolute muscle card plays everything but lately I've been craving higher frame rates so I'm thinking of an X1950 Pro AGP before my next whole upgrade.
  18. Graphics cards I had that blew me away at the time....

    Voodoo Rush
    EDIT: Matrox Millenium II AGP. No 3D, but WRAM was awesome for NT 4.0 and Photoshop.
    Matrox Millenium G200 upgraded to 16MB
    Hercules TnT
    GeForce 256
    GeForce 3 Ti 200
    GeForce 4 Ti 4200
    Radeon 9800pro
    Radeon x800xl and x850xt

    And my current card X1800XT 512MB

    I built a machine for a customer with an 8800GTX. Boy that thing is incredible. Going to wait for R600 / 8900 and see. Still debating X1800 CF master card for my A8R32 MVP....

    EDIT: Was very proud of my S3 VESA Local bus I upgraded to 1MB. Couldn't find a Western Digital Rocket VL at the time :(

    Have a PCI Voodoo 5 5500 still kicking around. Had it in an ALi Super 7 board. Ripped out the AMD K6 and downgraded to a Pentium 200mmx, but running at a 100MHz bus with for coolness factor. 100MHz x 2 multiplier lol.

    Video cards that sucked at the time:
    S3 Savage 4
    ATi Rage 128
    ATi Rage IIc
    nVidia Riva 128zx
    nVidia TnT M64 / Vanta
  19. I'd have to say my 7900GS, it really pwned that old fx5500
  20. That reminded me of my Number 9 Motion 771, that $270 card ROCKED! Windows 3.1 never ran so good!

    Also reminded me of my ATI Rage Max, the first card with dual GPU's as I recall, had to tweak the crap outa that one.....

    Had a couple VLB cards, can't remember what the rest were though.

    MW4 and it's expansion were released in 99 or 2000 if memory serves, which it probably doesn't.
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