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I am in the market for a new computer currently I have a HP a810N with the AMD 64 3300+ 2.4ghz with 1 gig pc3200 and an ATI x850 Pro. looking to upgrade to a dual core I was looking at either a 4200 x2, 4600+ x2 or something that would give me alittle more gaming performance doesn't need to be top of line.. or would a new video card improve that.
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  1. This all depends, budget? Your system an AGP or PCIe? What games do you play?
  2. Also, if it turns into just a card upgrade you should look into changing up the power supply too.
  3. right now it's AGP mobo and I have a 400 watt antec psu changed that awhile ago right now games run pretty good but I know they can be better 2 gigs a ram would be even better or like I said maybe just a video card upgrade.
  4. This will show you about the best you could do with that cpu and the top agp card.
  5. looks like that ATI 1950 pro is a very nice card I would have to upgrade my PSU to atleast a 500 watt for that one.. but my processor doesn't seem to my problem them just the video card
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