Megahertz Myth Debunking(For Mhz N00bs)

An Informative Video from Apple explaining Why Pentium(Netburst) sucked
It holds true for all New Architecture's(better than Netburst). Core, Core2, K7,K8, K8L and the PowerPC's

:) Just thought it would be a good video to explain why Faster(PD-805@4.1Ghz vs Core2Duo @ 2.13Ghz) isn't always better.
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  1. This won't do much for the people it really applies to.... its like how my I was trying to tell me friend about the difference in audio quality I get with my xfi over my on board... and hes just like "so what is it louder or something?" You know, the type of person who can't understand how something can be good if its not blazing fast or really noisy.
  2. Well done!
  3. Ironically Apple now uses Intel exclusively for their computers. Of course, this wasn't until Core came out.
  4. Intel shouldn't have taken the Netburst anywhere after the "Prescott" fiasco, the Dual Core Pentium D also was just a shame. it was truly just a shame to release after "Prescott" but people Loved it. With the know of anything else but Dell and HP marketing of Mhz Marketing, Intel could have taken The Pentium to 10Ghz if they wanted and had a TDP of 500w and people would have happily payed for it because most people still wouldn't have known of AMD and their products if it wasn't for Dell's adoption in Server and Desktops(we would still have 3.5Ghz Celerons in the Budget section).

    #2 Reply- I remember that thread :lol: I could not believe he thought 1.8Ghz was too little to play his games.

    @m25 - Thank you 8) was just flying through Technology videos and came across this. and saw the 5000 views so though it would be only watched by A VERY, VERY small fraction of PC users. I would suspect 5000 Viewers would be the iMAC forums or Ipod users looking for something to podcast :P

    @LAN . High quality vs. High Quantity. People still always, always believe quantity is better than quality from all the Chinese products flooding the markets @Walmart (same product, cheaper prices) But they also get angry when it breaks down after 1 week and vowing never to buy that thing again, Like Buying a Calculator and having it breakdown and Vowing to never Buy a QX6700 Quad-Core because the Math Processor(calculator) only worked for a week :roll: .
    Oh Middle America, You Amuse me :evil:

    @dj Well this is news before Apple fell hands and feet begging for a Piece of that Core after AMD and Core Arc were creaming the PowerPC in every aspect of performance.
  5. Quote:
    Well done!

    And Thank you :D It's useful Information on Clock Speeds Vs IPS
  6. Fascinating! Thanks for posting. I never realized how pipelines worked, not that I have a full understanding now, but I have at least SOME knowledge.

    Pentium 4: 31 Stage (started as only 22)
    Core 2 Duo: 14 Stage
  7. I get angry at friends and relatives when they make computer purchases without consulting me first.
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