I need a new wireless router and destop card for $150

I am going to spend about $150 dollars on a wireless network.
The two things I need are a wireless router and a wireless destop card.
I am new to this so I really don't know the benifits of wireless g, hyper g, super g, n , b....
All I really want for the money is the fastest setup I can get, I really don't care about distance as much (live in apartment).
So, what would be my best bet?


p.s I know a straight ethernet cable would be the fastest setup but the phone jack isnt in the any of the rooms the computers are in, so its a pain
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  1. Well, for $150 you are going to be hard pressed to get a draft 802.11n setup. I guess if you want the fastest, one of the 108mbps "super g" deals is the way to go. A quick glance at Netgear's site indicates the WGT624 is their version of the budget super g router, which can be had for about $60.

    I'd caution going with something like this because there's no guarantee that cards from other manufacturers will work at the advertised speeds since super g isn't a standard. If you want something that is guaranteed to work with other manufacturers, go with standard 802.11g. It ends up being cheaper plus you don't have to worry about compatability issues, and if the manufacturer you buy from were to go out of business you don't have to worry about not being able to find their equipment, etc.
  2. i think super g is useless unless u want to transfer large files over wireless

    wireless n has not matured yet
  3. Quote:
    i think super g is useless unless u want to transfer large files over wireless

    Let me expand on that by saying that I think wireless anything is worthless unless all you want to use it for is browsing the net. But that didn't really help answer the original question, so I left that out. :)
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