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I have a x800gto VIVO addition I have the wdm and catalist instaled what now? Im trying the ATI MMC but no dice won't put up video in just gives me the tv tab with of coursedosn't work with my card.
All so my be im just trying the wrong thing but can i use the VIVO function to play my xbox 360 on my computer or will i have to find my old wintv card to get this to work.
sorry for the newb question but i never used VIVO before
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  1. I hope I understand your particular problem.

    You have a VIVO (Video In, Video Out) ATI X800 GTO graphics card, and you are having problems getting video on your desktop.

    If you are looking for TV on the PC, it can't be done with just the x800 GTO. You will need a separate TV tuner card for that, like your old WinTV card.

    However, you should be able to connect all other external video sources, like VCR and camcorder, to the x800 GTO and watch and record that video on the PC.

    As I recall,the ATI x800 GTO's with VIVO allows you to output all video and graphics to an external monitor like a LCD TV. For instance, you can play a video game on the PC with the output to the wide screen LCD TV.

    As for playing the XBox 360 on the computer, I suppose that you are asking whether you can hook the video-out from the XBox 360 to the video-in on the x800 GTO and then watch XBox 360 game play on your computer's monitor. I do not have an XBox 360, so I don't know the correct answer. However, unless Microsoft has scrambled the video output from XBox 360, you should be able to do what you want.

    Try it.
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