The World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse

The World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse

Go on, you know you want one to go wth your Optimus Keyboard.
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  1. Hey, that's cool for gaming!! Does it come with some lip gloss?
  2. Talk about pointless? Could have at least used something other then a $10 mouse. Thats like making a gold and diamond Kia Rio.
  3. at least its an optical mouse
  4. ack, thats in pounds!
  5. MOO!

    :P that mouse looks terrible... and sensibility may not be great
    (you're paying for diamonds and gold not technology lol)

    On the other side the optimus looks great... how much it will cost?

    hmm maybe in 3 years we may buy a optimus style keyb for under $ 100?

    I want one!!! :lol:
  6. Yeah, that mouse looks like sh!t, if i got it for a gift or whatever i would just pry out the diamonds and resell them, then chuck the mouse up on ebay or something. Although the Optimus is pretty much the most awesome thing ever, ive wanted one since i first saw a pic of it, i guess it was sometime back in early '05, maybe even '04. I really, really, really, really, want one, but $1200 is a pretty high price to pay, if they go down to $500 and the OLEDs are in color ill probably get one.
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