Need advice on futher Athlon64 3500+ overclocking

Yesterday I finally bought a good CPU cooler for my new computer, overclocked it a bit and here is what I have accomplished so far -

CPU - AMD Athlon64 3500+ Orleans @ 2642 Mhz
Mobo - Gigabyte M55S-S3 nForce 550
RAM - Corsair CM2x512-8500 @ 440.7 Mhz
PSU - FSP BlueStorm 500W
GPU - nVidia GF 7600GT

CPU cooling - Schythe Ninja rev2
GPU cooling - stock
HDD is a fairly old ATA drive.

Currently i can`t get HTT above 240, and I cant figure out where is the problem.
CPU voltage is set to 1.5v, HT link voltage increased by 0.15v and RAM voltage upped by 0.1v.
Multiplier is set to x11. I tried to run it x9 and with higher bus speeds but with no success.
Temperatures vary from 30-32 while idle and 37-39 during load.
I haven`t been working on RAM yet, could it be the problem? It`s currently set at 800Mhz frequency, but as it should be capable of 1066Mhz, I left it untouched, apart from the slightly increased voltage.

Anyone got an advice on how to get this OC futher? The temps are still really low and currently I feel like I have wasted 30 pounds on something I didn`t really need :)
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  1. Thats an impressive OC for a 3500, you should be happy :)
  2. I suppose the RAM timings are ok? Any info on the chipset temp?
  3. 2640mhz is most probably the highest value that you can get with air cooling.
  4. Dont think so. I mean, the temps are below 40C during load, there must be a room for a higher OC.
    I`ll play with my RAM settings after work today, I`ll post here if I manage to get it higher :)
  5. Loosen the timings and you might be able to hit 2.7 maybe.
    Good luck :wink:
  6. With MN2 - sli Deluxe 667 kingston i set my amd 3.5 am2 orleans up to 2.850 MHZ stable with only set the 4x HT, some voltage more to memory as was the value series and increase the fsb (to 260 i think) but with good air cooler...A
    think i notice is that my problem for more overclock was that my memory wasn' t good for more overclock...A idea is to underclock the memory from 800 to 667 to change the clocks so the memory to work overclock as current but to win the fsb increase for CPU .Try Carefully and step by step
  7. The highest peak with the 3500+ Orleans That I have ever witnessed was 2.890 ghz.
    So play with the timings and yoiu will need to get a aftermarket HS if you planning in attaining this speed.
    So there is no doubt that you can reach this Clock speed.

    GL :wink:
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