net user to add accounts awith password never expires select

i am having issues here. i have created a script to add 142 users to 16 travel servers and add them to their appropraite gourps. i am trying script it so that it marks the user cannot change password, and also so that it marks password never expires. here is what i have:

net user ons1 #!ons1jsa /add /expires:never /passwordchg:no

this works, except it makes it so the account itself never expires, what do i need to do to have it set the passwrd so it never expires as well?

any help would be greatly appreciated,

a very frustraded network admin. :?
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  1. Their is no option for "net user" to do this from command line.

  2. is there any other way to do it in an automated "script". either .vbs or .bat or anything?
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