It takes 5 Days to Migrate to Raid 1?

Hi there folks, I just set up a RAID 1 setup on a machine at my office for a little extra data security. Card plugged in fine, software worked, and the drives were even recognized without issue. Once I initiated the data migration, however, I noticed it moved *extremely* slowy. As in 20% migration/day.

I presume this is excessively slow, but as I have no experience with RAID previously I can't say for sure. Should it really take 5 days to migrate a 320 gig drive to a RAID 1 setup? Advice, clues, and/or hints are welcome (even if it's just to say "That's way too long!").

Hard Drives:
2x Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200JS 320GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

Raid Card:

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yup........
    WAYYYYYYYYY To long.

    I would expect hours, but anything over 8 hours is crazy.
    Even 8 hours is crazy, but it depends on what is being done.

    Example - for such poor speeds I expect the raid software is doing read/write verifies multiple times on each data write.

    Perhaps DMA is not operating correctly on your setup.
    This can really kill HDD performance and may explain the unusual times.
  2. That's kinda what I was afraid of, thanks though. But, er, what does DMA stand for and is there any way I can fix/adjust it? I'm using XP software to manage the discs for what it's worth . . .
  3. Go into "Device Manger" on your Computer.
    Go to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and selct your various "channels".

    These should tell you what the "Current Transfer Mode" is on those devices. It should be something like "Ultra DMA Mode 5" or the likes.
    Anything with DMA is "OK". If you see "PIO", then you are going to have real bad performance. MB Driver updates are often a resolution for going from PIO to DMA.
  4. Just got a look, and the two primary IDE controller channels are both DMA, secondary channel is not in use, but I presume that's because the RAID card sees the two drives as one. Any chance I could grab another suggestion?
  5. No, not really.

    Looks like their support site blows as well.
    Not even an email address......................

    It does look like if you start an "RMA" request you need to give a number for a TECH to contact you. Perhaps this would be a start.
  6. Well bugger. Thanks for the help, I can always RMA through Newegg - I may end up doing that.

    Since we're up against a weekend now though, I think I'll let it finish and see what performance looks like post-migration.

    Again, sincere thanks for the fast replies.
  7. I have 3 of those cards but the 5 port versions, and yeah they do take forever, even at the fastest migration speeds it still does it in slow "bursts" so the data can still be accessed at a decent speed. You'll just have to sit it out.
  8. Thanks for the heads up - since this is really more of a test server for us it's not a huge problem, but at least I know I'm not totally off base.
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